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At the tone...

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July 21, 2009


I enjoyed a lot by watching the video. So nice!!! Thanks for the post

Super cute. I guess I need to borrow Frankie's ginormous bump-it and get cracking on my moves.

What a good grandma you are allowing GUM! I think my kid was well into elementary school before ever getting gum. That's how mean I am!

Most of my kids are grown up now but I still have a 10 year old at home and now 2 grandchildren that love to watch these kinds of shows. I kinda like them most of the time. I enjoyed watching the video and Madison is darling dancing there at the end.

Oh My.....

I feel your pain - my kiddos love Yo Gabba Gabba too!!

I saw her at a huge craft show earlier this year. She is hilarious.

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