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June 24, 2009


Jen...I totally love that book! And the flower sugar...I have to find some! So love it!

Whee! I just ordered a copy of that book and can't wait! Gotta love that Flower Sugar...I'm still hoarding the pieces I've got left.

I saw that Mary Lou had you on her list of favorites so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. What a wonderful book, so many great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

OMG I love that fabric JEN!! Lucky you to get your hands on some.
What book is it that you were showing??? Japanese one????

OMW that books is amazing!

Great...more books to buy & now I've got to check out Marie Claire! Love all the pictures. The Flower Sugar is edible! Have fun.

OHMYGOSH, I just got my wonderful pink book yesterday as well. I had it in my watching list on ebay for quite a while but had seen no inside photos so didn't want to buy it unseen. OHMYGOSH after I saw it on Nanettes I had to race out and buy it. Its amazing, I've barely looked at the photos, can't wait to delve in again today.

Congrats on the flower sugar, you got an excellent price, not much more than what she paid for it(after my calculations. )

Wow those are such darling projects....so cheerful....you could be forever happy living with all those colors!!!

What awesomeness - I love the mag. and the new fabric - you are just too lucky!!!

Very cool! And oh my heck! I've been working on an idea for a MBS project with a border like that! LOL I got the inspiration from the prairie points I did on the pinwheel quilt. I thought to myself, what other shapes could you do for a border like prairie points? And the half circle was born. ;o) But the blanket stitch is super duper cute! All kinds of inspiration in this post. Thanks!

Oh you!! Now i HAD to have that book too!! Thank you so much for the link!!

I think I need that book! And I NEED some flower sugar too! It must have been meant for you because I've been looking for it as well!

Good for you! I can't cut mine. Yet. I'm too busy looking at it and touching it. But yes, this quilt would make a lovely use for those fat quarters. You picked some goodies to show. I really want to make that fall quilt and that sampler I have open at my sewing machine right now. I keep ohhing and ahhing at each block. This is really really lovely. I'm glad you like the book. I think I've looked at it every day since I bought it.

34?!? Lucky girl! I love the red and aqua.

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