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June 14, 2009


Your day at the beach was precious with the kids, the purple starfish, and the heart shaped rocks.

I went back and read your post about Caleb and his dad. It's such a sweet story, but sad, too.

You're a sweet Grandma!

What a great post and such a great idea to start the rock collection - can't wait to see it at the end of the summer. I also thought it was interesting how both Caleb and his dad posed with their heads to the side. Caleb is lucky to have you!

I went back and reas too. My daughter and sister both work in a prison. There are so many young fathers in for the same reason.They have that program on this side of the country too. You handled it perfectly! Beautiful kids!

I just went back and read your Christmas story. Caleb is so very blessed to have you in his life. As a teacher, I have quite a few students who's parents are in the same situation; and only want to know that their parent loves them.

Blessings and hugs to you all.


You are a totally awesome grandma. Thanks for sharing that tender moment and the story behind it. wow.

the heart rocks..............*heavy, heavy sigh*

I love, love, love the rock idea. My son is so into rocks right now, maybe I can talk him into that.

What a wonderful beach and love the idea of the rock collection. The kiddos are so sweet and I can imagine that experiencing the beach with them is totally the best!

That is one cool beach! I've never seen a real starfish or any ocean creatures for that matter as I live in Northern Alberta and have to drive over an hour just to find a lake :(

What a gorgeous beach...and I love that starfish...I've never seen one like that!

It has been so chilly here, very weird for June! Too cool to sit on the back porch without a jacket. I'm sure we will look back in fondness when the heat finally hits.

ooh this looks like so much fun, what a great combination - kids and the beach. I can only dream at this stage of when it will be warm enough in the southern hemisphere for beach walking in bare feet! Have fun!!

What a nice day...I have to admit that the butt scooting and comment made me laugh. You have sweet grandchildren.

What a wonderful grandmother you are. So lucky that you all have each other. xo

Your photos are gorgeous! We haven't been to the ocean since the kids were little. I think it's time to go back. :)

I love the rock collection and the wonderful flashback for Caleb. I love the beach, too! Thanks for sharing!

I miss the ocean so much and you have set me off on a homesickness binge...but, do not feel bad as I am easily pushed. Caleb's story is touching to the point of tears - he is lucky to have you in his life, so lucky. ~Kelly

LOVE the heart shaped rocks! I looked everywhere this past week on our little vacation on the Oregon Coast. No heart shaped rocks.

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