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June 27, 2009


Thanks for that very inspiring post..

Those quilts are SO inspiring, thanks for posting pics! LOL about the machine, don't we always need one more tool? Quilters are very good peeps, it's like a sisterhood don't you think? There's a quilt show here in late July, I just love to look around and be inspired by the phenomenal work of others, lots of lightbulb moments.

Just a test. I did the above post that has the name of nanette, and when you click on that name, you go to her site.

I made the above post dated June 29, 2009 at 01:45 PM.

I'm Cathy at
Perhaps it was a simple mix up because I was not logged into my blog account! I hope this comment works properly, and states that it is indeed, from me, Cathy! :)

I'm constantly amazed at the talent and tenacity that is required to create beautiful quilts. If I choose to work on a quilt project, I make sure it's a "short and sweet" small scale quilt project.

Just gotta say: Isn't it great fun to be a grandmother! :) It was fun visiting a blog of another fellow grandparent, because I find that there are so few of them.

Very interesting quilts. Really like nothing I've seen before. Especially the roses. The thing that strikes me is they trusted each other to cut and incorporate them all into their quilts. That is pretty amazing. What a great story. I'll have to retell that one. I've been thinking pixilated roses myself. It wont' get further than that but on the way to work I saw this huge rosebush with the most amazing roses and the leaves so dense you couldn't see through them. I was thinking what a great quilt that would make. Always on my brain I guess. For having a smallish show these are all pretty great quilts.

What an amazing and worthwhile experience in many ways!

Jen, I clicked on each picture to make them as large as possible. The intricate work on some of these is just mind boggling. Thanks for this post. Looking at the quilts is always inspiring.
♥, Susan

I really enjoyed looking at all of those quilts! Thank you so much for showing them. What's the name of the "thread painter"?

I have a Mega Quilter that sounds very similar to the Brother 1500. I think you can get used for around $200 - $300. Pfaff has one that's the same as the MegaQuilter - but I can't remember the name.

I love the "Scene" quilt, if you hadn't taken a pic of the close-up I too would have thought it was a painting.

The quilts are amazing Jen. Alot of work went into those.
I was laughing when you said that gal loaned you a machine and then you said only one problem........after you said she trusted you I thougth you were going to say.... I dont want to give it back. LOLOL!!!!

Ohhhh! I love all of the photos! What amazing quilts... :) I just went to my first quilt show, Friday, It was awesome!

What a nice quilter! I have to agree with BrendaLou that quilters can be extraordinarily generous sometimes.

I've always said it, Quilters are the NICEST people!

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