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June 15, 2009


I love it! I'm working on one for my bike too!

Not too much at ALL! Gosh that is adorable. Makes me miss the bike I had when I was 10. The yellow ribbons are very reminiscent of the plastic ribbons that came out of the hand grips. I am going to reward myself with a beach cruiser bike when I drop another 30 lbs. I may need to do this on the basket.
So glad I found your blog =0)

Now I want to start riding my bike again so I can have a cute basket!

oh I so need one of these, check out my bike on my blog it is a must have for my sweet ride!

Love it!


Adorable! That would make me want ride everywhere!

I have been thinking of a basket for my bike. What a great idea. Looks lovely.

LOVE IT! It makes me want to go out and get a bike AND a basket!

Super cute. I don't have the luxury of riding my bike to run errands but if I did, I would definately need an adorable basket like that!

Cutest bike basket ever! You've done it again!

Its a beautiful thing to behold. Lovely.

Adorable Jen... as always!

OMG!!! I can only imagine how many people must have complimented you on your basket. I bet you could make a bunch and have them sell like hotcakes!! It is super darling!!


How incredible cute is that ! LoVe it. ooxx`jodi

Oh my goodness! I love it!!! I've been so wanting a beach cruiser bike with a basket for years...and now I need one so I can make the cute basket liner!!!

oh i LOVE this!

LOVE it! I am in the bike purchasing phase right now and must have a basket. I had not thought of a liner and now of course it is quite necessary. You are such an enabler!

that's cute, and it keeps you young!

Too cute! I want the same bike and the same basket and the same liner!!

Girl, that is just too much! Cath Kidston fabric makes anything better! I have a gorgeous willow basket for my bike but it needs a pretty liner too. I used to take my old sweet terrier for rides in the basket and I had put a baby crib bumper in it to cushion the ride. But now that she doesn't ride anymore I need to make a pretty liner. I would have to get out and ride every day if I had this snazzy basket on my bike! xo, suzy

So cute, Now you need to make tassels for the kids bikes. :-)

That is not too much!! it is just right!! I love the bike color and the basket is just wonderful!! great job, now just put some cards in the spokes and you will be all set!!

get. out. of. town. literally.

too cute!! that fabric is perfect and you can send me 10 yards. thanks.

That is one AMAZING basket! I love it!

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