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June 23, 2009


Thanks for sharing the pics with us Jen!

I am drooling all of the keyboard because everything is just too awesome. I guess that I am going to subscribe to this one also!

Thanks again!

HOLY CRAP. I need to score this copy. I get mine from Borders so I better go there, today. I love the cherries, thanks for the sneaky peek! xo

I let my subscription lapse too. Darnit. HOw about those giant cherries! wowie.

i love the cherry hat and tablecloth!! sooo cute!

Get out! Look at that dotty bike with buttons stitched to the basket! I never use text message language, but OMG!!!!!!! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Such gorgeousness!

Oh yeah, I love that magazine. I asked for and received a subscription for xmas. luv it. xo, suzy

I just subscribed to MCI. I wish they'd give you a kickback for it! xom

HUGE tip on the subscription info Jen! THANK YOU! I had no idea! I love that camper. Madly in love. THAT is what I want to put in my little forest just off my backyard. And when you come back to visit, you and Mr. What's New can use it as a guest house. The interior is going to be stunning of course, because I'm going to ask you to decorate it!

Those are beautiful...thank you for sharing your magazine!

Wow what an amazing magazine - love the pictures!!! more magazine to add to my wish list! The pictures are gorgeous!

I love it! Look how bright all those colors are!

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