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June 12, 2009


Picnics are simply fun. In this economy, people are always looking to save money on family activities. Picnics are a cool way to to this.. Also, typically most kids love the outdoors, so picnics are a great match. Dont for get to bring your picnic baskets and be delighted.

My daughter's wedding is a cowboy theme and This is something I want to go get at Target. They really have some cute things now. I agree though, I'd better hurry.

That fabric is soo cute under the picnic basket.

How totally adorable!!! Now where is Yogi Bear? LOL!

Craisins, green apples with the single serving caramel apple dip made by Marzettis, yogurt pops (they sell the yogurt in freezer pop type plastic sleeves---freeze them and by the time you eat them they'll still be cold), frozen grapes, plain old dry cereal, etc.

Have fun!

Oh I wish we had Target, target and Ikea. Sadly we don't have either in the country. Australia has a few of both, but apparently we don't have enough people in New Zealand!! good shopping though, the basket looks amazing.

I so agree with Nancy, I use to cut chesse into shapes,bologna into shapes, PBJ into shapes, finger jello, strawberrie kabobs, all are fun and besides who really eats at a picnic, mostly we play, what a great find, gatta love Target!!!

Can't wait to get to Target to look for one!!! I wish Target weren't an hour away!

I think kids will eat anything if it is cut cute and eaten outside on a picnic blanket. Make simple pbj and just cut them into fun shapes...

Ugh! Stop telling me these things!Now I'm going to have to hurry off to see if I can score a sweet basket...where am I going to store all of this stuff, lol!
Make sure you take pictures of your outing:)

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