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June 19, 2009


Miss Madison is adorable. Man is she getting big. And she's got the cutest little face.

I'm so glad I found your blog! That pillow is gorgeous. : )

You are too kind. I need all the inspiration I can get, and your blog provides it. Thanks!

Congratulations to the winner! What a cutie pie you have helping you!

No, she didn't. Bakerella did not just do THAT. Blogs are just killing me with creativity!!!! Between brownie hamburgers and darling pillows.....i'm done. stick a fork in me......after i go check out those other blogs.

Have a great time at the party and thank you for leading us to these wonderfully beautiful blogs! There are so many amazing blogs out there that it is hard to keep up! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Congrats to the winner and thanks for the blog shout out!!! I one day too will have to make the hamburger cupcake and fry cookies - they are seriously cute - I just love Bakerella!!!

My friend and I are making those hamburger cupcakes and fries today for our hubbies!!! Yum!

Congrats to the winner! I'm off to check out the blogs of those you listed!

I love your vintage collage collection in your etsy shop. Cute! Thanks for the blove. Everytime I look at your pillow I keep thinking I need to make one now.

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