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May 06, 2009


I like the idea, but wondered how hard it is to remove once you glue it to the wall. What do you use?

What a neat idea!

I saw this on the UCREATE blog but you dont really get the full impact till you see it here... Awesome!

This is probably one of the most exciting things I have read in years....YOU are clever for sure and great to share this....I don't think I have a room to do this in now (I used to) but I may have to figure something out. It looks so fun! Thank you.
Mary Lou Weidman

Just wanted to thank you for the PERFECT idea!! I have pictured the letters I made and credited you for the idea on our blog... I invite you to check it out!

This is darling. Your instructions are perfect. I would need to use basic math and my brain to figure the font size as I don't have MS Publisher. I'm wanting to put some words above the furdown (or whatever) going into the dining room from the living room. Probably just words or a short quote. Wouldn't be hard to figure font size. Remember that wall quote place you found a long time ago? I think I'll check the cost of that place. Probably too high.

So creative!

Jen, this is so darling! thanks for the tutorial...absolutely ingenious! Happy week to you:) xox...jenn

You are SO SMART!! I would never have thought to flip the letters and print on the back of the patterned paper. Love the way you tackle projects like this Jen.

I LOVE IT!!!! WOW. I have no idea where I can do something like that in my house, but you better believe I will! So clever you are...

Hey that is pretty cool! Love that font. Your kitchen is adorable!!!

Dang, that is incredible. How you ever figured all that out is beyond me. I love the look! xo, suzy

Very cool indeed and I understood the directions perfectly. Thank you. It looks great in your kitchen.

Great job! I write on my walls too. Usually I make a pattern (I prefer Illustrator) - print out and tape together for actual size - then I use graphite paper to transfer the pattern and hand paint, but I've used scrapbook paper too, method just as you described.


WOW Jen!! This was a super fantastic tutorial!! I love the look on the wall and the way you did it makes perfect sense to me. It certainly makes for a great look in your kitchen.

Wow...Jen...thanks so much for sharing this! I've been trying to figure out templates for some words I want to put on a quilt I'm designing...and this is just the trick I needed. I can print out my words and use them for my applique' templates!

I love it!!!

I have a area above my cabinets in my kitchen where I could so something like this, thanks for a great idea!!!!

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