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May 01, 2009


Look at you girl! Jen you are a whirlwind. I love cleaning up old projects and finishing things that have been nagging me. It makes me feel good. ALmost a high. I'm glad the binding worked out. I have to go back and fix a bit here and there, especially corners, when I machine stitch binding. The trick is in the pressing. Anyway it is a time saver. I have yet to try out a quilting machine. I do my machine quilting on my regular one (just small ones though). But there are several places around here that let you rent machines like your place. I think the whole cloth thing is a great idea to start - and that fabric was cute and sorta patchwork looking. Well all the projects are wonderful. It is freeing to finish things.

Wow! You've been one busy bee! Congrats on learning to long arm. That's on my TO DO list for this year. ;o) ooxx`jodi

IKEA has fabric too? Man, I need to get myself there someday. Your quilts are absolutely lovely and sweet!

I have often wondered if I could learn to quilt on one of those fancy machines. I really don't like doing the quilting at all, and I have someone local who does a great job for me--but sometimes I would just like to do it myself, especially on small quilts or ones that don't need a fancy design.

I would really like to try long-arm quilting as well...there are a few shops within an hour that offer classes and rentals...but I'm so busy making quilt tops right now!

I know what you mean about the learning curve...I did not enjoy the quilting like I thought I would, so I have left it to the quilters.....I will design and sew...but GOOD FOR YOU for sticking to it! I still believe the old saying..."practice makes perfect."

WOW!!! I was just learning about long arm last evening from my quilting friend. Love it! Your quilts are totally amazing and I love seeing all the photos and hearing the stories. Thanks so much for sharing!

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