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May 25, 2009


Love your blog, especially the cigarette pic. I have some very similar photos (I was so skinny and cute back then...) The selvage quilt is gorgeous, as is the estate quilt. Lovely work; lively writing. I'm looking forward to reading more posts.

What a darling quilt! I would like to create one myself and wondered if there was a particular pattern that you followed? Was there a certain size of letters you used?
Thanks so much!
Tricia Anne

LOVELY quilts, and what a fun walk down memory lane Jen, life is quite the journey isn't it? Unpredictable, crazy, wonderful - better than the alternative :)

I love those photos of you!!!! Except the cigarette part of course. lol
Glad you had fun at your reunion. I wish my family would have one. Guess I should plan it now huh??
Great quilt you found. I love the old ones.

Got my letters Jen and LOVE THEM!! Just posted on my blog. Happy day to you!

this was a GREAT post! Zinger is seriously stunning!!!!!!

I don't know what I loved the most...your story brought me back to my 70's...we were such hippies. The quilts are magnificent. Love the one on the bed with lavender, and the selvage, blue zinger is fantastic.
♥, Susan

unbelievable! all of it. Those were the days photos are fun. Thats the way things were. Oh we've grown. Love the quilts! SOOO much. That tiny square one on point is like wowwwwie.

I so enjoyed the peak into your past Jen! Cigs and all. I think I had the same maternity clothes, and even the same cigarettes as you. it was 1979/80 after all. GAWD... how dumb were we back then??!!! PLEASE don't answer that. We just didn't know any better.

Love the quilts, and love the pic of you (the smoking one). I SWEAR you have not changed or aged. If I didn't see that photo on your blog, I'd say... "that's Jen Duncan". Darling then... darling now.

Love the pictures Jen! Fab hat:)
The quilt is beautiful! Great find.

What a fun post. You are brave to post pictures and they are very indicative of our time style and all. I love your loving and learning about life attitude. The Blue Zinger is wonderfully fun and the vintage quilt a treasure. Looks like a great couple of days! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Such a fun post!

Gorgeous quilt. Gorgeous people!

What a great photo! Yes that was a sign of the times. I guess I'm about 5 years older and by the time I was pregnant there was no smoking.. had to quit for 9 months and that wasn't easy.

Love the quilts. And the getting to know you.xo7

The blue zinger is wonderful. I am working on a green zinger that will be finished someday.

Love love love it!!! That was how it was with the smoking. My mom drank a beer a day when she was pregnant with us, doctor's orders.

You look very current in that picture though! So, you have a sibling and a daughter who are less than a year apart? How fun!

The quilts are gorgeous, as usual.

okay, this is just what i needed to read RIGHT NOW. pregnant you and baby...smoking. priceless. i'm sorry, but it just really cracks me up. not very politically savvy, am i. I agree with cherry tree... you are gorgeous. and i think chubby is gorgeous so please choke out a new photo for me.

you and your estate finds. *heavy sigh*

please tell me what your hubby did about internet explorer. I'm having MAJOR issues with the new internet explorer 8 and now I can only comment on certain blogs with a certain comment field. can you say obnoxious?

I love the quilts. SO CUTE. What a cute dog and best buddy photo too....the tongues do make it, I agree.

Beautiful post !!!!!!!

I love this post. Learning about you is fun.....and entertaining. The pic of you (smoking) is beautiful, in my opinion. I love it.

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