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April 06, 2009


Jen these are so adorable, you amaze me! Hmm, birthday memory... one of my fave birthdays was spent on holiday at a dairy farm when I was about 7, I remember my gifts were a dictionary and a rotex label maker - no wonder I'm such a total word geek :)

I love your banner! My first baby's first birthday is in a month! I hope to win! Your banner is great!

PS- would you consider doing a tutorial about using MS publisher to make the stencils? What font did you use to make it look like yours? Thanks!

Lovely projects. Lovely fabrics. Inspiring as well. I've always loved fringes and this gives me some great ideas! My fav is the blue one.

My favorite birthday memory is uh will be when I WIN that banner and in June I can proudly display it and think of You Miss Jen!!!! It's adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Happy Birthday

I love the banners.It doesn't matter which I one I win.I LOVE them both.I have two sets of twin granddaughters and try to make their birthdays special since they share the day with their sister.My favorite birthday memory is when I turned 16(many moons ago,I received my first car(in my cereal bowl). My birthday is in November but when Christmas came, I actually got a new Pinto with a very large ribbin around the car. Now I guess I have told my age. Oh well. I love your site. I'm glad I found it.

I absolutely LOVE this! I found you through the moda bakeshop blog, and will be following you for SURE! Totally awesome, and if I had to pick one, I would choose the yellow one. (they are both so awesome though!)

also, your dining room is to DIE for! love your style! if i continue to gush over your stuff, do I have a better chance of winning? :)

This banner is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile. I love it and can't wait to find time to make one! Our first child is due in early July and think this would be super cute to put in our entryway after he/she is born. So cute! Plus, these colors are pretty much the same colors I'm using for the nursery so it couldn't be better!

My favorite birthday memory was a party my friends organized for my 25th birthday. They made dinner and cake and then afterwards we all went bowling. Such a fun day!

Thanks for the chance to win this fun banner. It's wonderful.

those are so cute! i would love to win it so i don't have to make one!

I love both of these banners! So cute! I was just holding my sweet grandaughter Addison and thinking how fun it would be to use one of the banners for her first birthday. I may just have to make one if I don't win!

Really love your color choices - so inspiring. And have enjoyed going through your past blog entries... Thanks for sharing.

Please enter me! What a great banner.This will come in handy for my 4 children's birthday's. They would make the room so happy and fun for a party!
Best wishes,

Ooooh, I would love one of your banners! My favorite birthday memory would have to be the year my Dad bought me a duffle bag. I know, a duffle bag? But my Dad was never the gift buyer and to my knowledge, this is the one and only gift he ever picked out for me himself.
I see my painting in your picture! I'm so happy she has such a wonderful home:)

I'd love the blue - and April 10 is my birthday!


Please enter me for the adorable banner! I love them both and would love to have one for future birthday celebrations.

Hmm.. favorite birthday memory. I might have to say my 30th last year. I was hugely pregnant with my first child, so there wasn't a big celebration, just a nice dinner with my husband. It was just such a special time of joy and anticipation that it made it a very sweet birthday!

I was so excited to see you on the Moda Bakeshop! Fun. The banners are lovely. You did an amazing job. Applause.

These are amazing! I have a daughter that has a big birthday coming up (30). Even if I don't win, I may have to make one. They are fabulous!

I would love to win this for decorating for the office birthdays - our company really makes a big deal out of birthdays. I just happened upon your blog today and have bookmarked it already! Great ideas. My favorite birthday memory - 10 years old and I had a purple themed sleepover party - it was loads of fun.

I don't know about my favorite birthday memory but it's the strongest birthday memory I was before I was a teenager, not sure exactly how old I was, I'm thinking around 8-10-ish, and we were playing a game with balloons with slips of paper in them. When you popped the balloon, you had to do whatever the slip of paper said (some said do three circles, cluck like a chicken, stuff like that). One of my friends popped one then took the paper to my mom and then everyone huddled up and then they all rushed me to give me the bumps (which was on the piece of paper). I freaked out and thrashed around cuz I didn't know what was happening, and I kicked a couple people I think?! My mom took me to a separate room and brought in all my friends one by one for me to apologize before the party could resume. How tragic it seemed at the time!!! Ha, what a brat I was hehe Cool banner by the way, either one would be great to win :)

I LOVE birthdays! It's the only day of the year that it's YOUR day!
My Birthday is on the 4th of July. Growing up my family went to the local firework show every year. We spent all day running and playing at the carnival activities. After we had our picnic dinner we would have birthday cake. When we started signing all the others around in the park would join in and I would have 100's of people singing happy birthday to ME! As an 8 yr old I LOVED it...not some much now!

I love your banner...did you imagine so many comments? You are a talented and awesome gal.

I love both banners but the blue one would be my favorite. My favorite birthday memory would be my oldest grandchilds first birthday. Watching my baby girl give a party for her baby girl was a day I will never forget. And now my grandgirl is 8 years old with a sister who is 6 and a brother who is 4 and they are so precious to me. But that first birthday of a grandchild was very special.

My favorite birthday memory was actually not my birthday, but of my grandfather's birthday. The entire family (my family, aunts, uncles, cousins) went to a small inn in North Carolina where we surprised him for his birthday. He was so overjoyed to see us all! My aunt gave him a photo album with pictures of him as a dad and grandfather, and a beautiful description of why he was such a wonderful father. Then my dad gave him a photo album that had pictures of my grandfather's ancestors, and of the gravestone of the father he never met. It was really father fascinating, and I have always remembered that as one of the best birthday parties I ever went to.

My memory is of my son's first birthday. I was so in awe of being his parent and him learning new things every day.

Oh way to go, I bet you and your family are so proud!! i would love to win either of the banners, thank you for the chance. my favorite memory was when I was 5, I got a little blue metal car that you could sit in and peddle. I loved that little car soooo much!!

A wonderful tutorial & awesome giveaway. Love the Objects of Desire fabrics too. My favorite birthday memory is the birth of my only grandchild, Abby. She came two months early but all was fine. She's such a delight. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

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