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April 06, 2009


Where did you get your Pom Pom Trim. Somewhere online? I am making this birthday banner and really would like the Pom Pom trim.

This is such a great idea.

These are so cute! And I SO love the bakeshop, so many cute ideas.
I like yellow the best.

I would Love Love to have that banner to celebrate our families birthdays. Looks like something my little ones will grow up looking forward to seeing on their day and have wonderful memories of! Such beauriful work!

OH my gosh the banner is adorable!

My favorite birthday memory is when my mom let me stay home from school and we went to the park and ate ice cream.

oh pick me!

How cute!! love it. pick me so I don't have to make it myself!! :)

I love your happy birthday banners and would love to win one. I have always been meaning to get around to making something like this but never seem to be able to find the time. Please include me in your draw. I love both but really love the colours in the red one.

I love every pom pom I see. Your banners are precious and I would Love to enter the drawing. My favorite b'day memory was when I was five. I had few toys and dreamed of having a barbie. My mom had something hiding behind her back in one hand and she told me I had to pick a hand to get my present. I did so and there came Barbie. I felt complete joy. Then my mom had me pick three more times. Each pick was an outfit for Barbie. I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world. I can still remember that moment and will cherish it forever.

Love that banner. We are getting ready for a bunch of grandchildren birthdays and that is a wonderful idea.
Thanks for the inspiration.
What size are the blocks?

Hi, I just love the birthday banner. What a fun idea!
And did you use the letters that you used on the alphabet quiltls!!
So cute. We are getting ready for a series of birthday parties and that would be really fun to use.
I'll be checking out your blog - you have some really neat ideas.
Have a great holiday week-end.
Jackie in San Antonio

How charming! My birthday is actually tomorrow and winning this would certainly make my day!!

Love the banner! My favorite birthday would have to be my 16th! I couldn't wait to get my driver's license. I started counting down 365 days before the big 1-6. Seriously! I was so excited!

I love your banner...I thought I already left a comment but don't see it on here. Sorry if it's a double entry :(
but this is just too fabulous to miss out on! I found your blog from the Moda bake shop and I love this banner.
I have lots of favorite bday memories, but the best are by far the ones for my kids. The simple ones without all the kid parties, just simple with us hanging out together.
Thanks for the giveaway. I love it!

Oh my twin girls are having a birthday next weekend and I would love love love this banner. I think I like the yellow one.

These are wonderful! Would love one for my daughter's bday next month.

I love the banner! I can just picture it at all my families birthdays...

I love your banners! I saw them on moda and bookmarked the page right away! We have three birthdays coming up for our kids in the next few weeks and this would be so perfect!!!
My favorite birthday memory has to be about my kids is so much fun watching my kids get so excited for their birthdays. Our most memorable one was when our "miracle baby" turned one. They didn't think that she would make it-she was so sick but now 5 years later she is still going strong. :)

Like everyone else- I think those banners are amazing- and how great is it that even if I don't win- you've given such great directions so that I can tackle one myself!
I can't remember how old I was- but what I do remember was how I felt. Birthdays can be such magical days. My birthday is in June- so I remember walking outside in the morning- the sun off to the west and me wearing my brightly colored jumpsuit, loving the weather as I got onto my yellow banana seat bike ready to go off and play with my friends.- so excited to see what the day would bring!
Thanks for this chance to win!

Absolutely darling! So fun and eyecatching. I can't wait to make one!

I love your idea at the Moda Bakeshop--found your blog that way! The fabric you chose was wonderful. I hope I win. Off to explore your blog now! :)

hey there sweets,
just poppin in to say hi.
and hello a giveaway!!
woo hoo.
Have a fabulous Easter.

What a treat! My birthday was this past weekend and so far it was my best birthday yet! My husband had me a cake, gift and cards from he and my two young kiddos and we spent the weekend out in the country where we got to enjoy seeing lots of wildlife and being with one another! Winning the banner would add to this perfect birthday memory!!!

ps, are you going to do a slip cover tutorial??? that would be awesome!

aaack@!!! i forgot my birthday memory. these are not my favorite, but they are the most memorable.

my 5th birthday - dad put candles on the cake that came back on after you blew them out. after 3 tries, i ran into my room screaming and crying. (i didnt even want cake)

3rd birthday - dad (again) put butterscotch pudding in my new doll's diaper. I freaked out that my dolly had pooped, and still can't eat butterscotch pudding to this day.

dad + birthday = emotional trauma.

there ya go. it may explain a bit of my neurosis today. :)

COngratulations on being featured on Moda Bake Shop!

I would love to win your banner. Next week is my birthday and what a great way to remind my DH not to forget!

Congrats again!

I love, love,love the birthday banner!! So, cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

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