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April 20, 2009


Your quilt is fun and has to please you that it is on the grands wall. We may make the quilts to give away, but there are camera's and computers for pics BEFORE you give it away. Your weight in is hilarious...... Hope all that is still going well, just now getting to the #400's in the festival... thanks for sharing

Congratulations on your weight loss! I joined WW with my sister and mom several weeks ago! I am 9.8 lbs down.

Lovely. Great use of color. Thanks for sharing.


LOVE the ABC quilt, and congrats on your sticker! Keep on plugging!

I totally agree with your opinions on my post today. I will spill the beans about my feelings and response tomorrow!

I adore your alphabet quilt. It is great in that the children can easily learn to recognize the alphabet and that the designs and sashings are bright enough to maintain interest.

Love your quilt!! Thanks for sharing :)

The alphabet quilt is amazing!

the alphabet quilt is one of my favorites! I would love to make one myself but I don't think it would ever turn out as great as yours

One of my fave quilts of yours too. Course, all of your quilts are my fave. Though I do love this one so much... just like I love you!

Congrats on your 5lbs!!!

The alphabet quilt is very nice. Love the colors

What fun looking quilt. Love the quilting lines too - Natima

I love both quilts...but that ABC one...WOW! It is amazing!!!

Great quilts! Love the alphabet one. Great color combination.

I loved your alphabet quilt when I saw it on your blog before!! YIPEE on the 5 lbs wonderfulness. I am hoping you will be an inspiration to me since I have lost my way a bit :-)!!!!!

You alphabet quilt is amazing!! TOtally cute! I had to laugh... Im 34 weeks preggers and I do the exact same thing when I weigh in every two weeks. No purse, watch, shoes, etc. and I only wear light cotton sun dresses. IT HELPS big time!! But I can relate... I have to wear something light everytime I go.

I really love your quilt - so bright and fun! Can so identify with you and your Weight Watchers weigh-in quandary. I'm a lifetime member now, but every time I go for my monthly weigh-in I join all the gals visiting the toilets first - so we can shed an extra few grams/ounces!!!

Love the abc quilt Jen. And omg you are too funny with the weighing in. But.....congrats on the loss. I may have to give that a try!!!

Wow, I really love that alphabet quilt! The colors and design are just wonderful. Never mind the grandkids' play area -- I want it in mine!! Thanks for sharing.

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