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April 15, 2009


LOL, evil candy!!! I have a serious problem with candy corn every Halloween, I'm not even sure I like it, I just keep eating it until I feel ill :)

Oh, BTW, thanks for enabling me - I rushed out and bought one of those egg stands after you posted how cute they are - I love it!

You are too funny. I've never seen pink candy corn. Sweet. I can remember candy corn made the back of my jaw hurt when I ate it as a kid. That super sweet ache. Still ate it though. I haven't had it for years. Yummy stuff. We had to pay this year too. So it is bad enough that Mr. Hive isn't working but we had to fork out 5k! How the *&33::33$$$ did that happen? We've never had that before. It is like anything that can go wrong, will go wrong when things start going south. And yes. I remember the hard boiled eggs cracking by the end of the day. We must have hid them dozens of times. Fun. Sigh. Those certainly were the days. I didn't really understand the teaparty thing either. But I certainly reserve the rights of those that want to complain. Your posts are so fun to read. Love the cut out fabric. I guess no more Pooh Tan for me for a while. That 5k is living a stinging mark on my bank statement. Fun while it lasted.

What a hilarious candy corn story! lololololol. I'm with ya sista. Addict here too. At least we aren't alone.

OMG I'm with you on eating candy corn. It should be illegal except in October of each year. I will admit to thinking 'what's the next candy holiday?' so I can look forward to more treats . . . . but I think Halloween might just be the next big one. Or should we all be eating red hots for July 4th?? Mallowmars for Mother's Day? Am I missing something?

Oh Jenn, All I can say is I am the biggest dingbat. It must have been a freudian slip, because I find you both so inspiring. I can't wait to see what you make with all of those beautiful quilt blocks. They all look too yummy. I will keep my eyes open for some cute pink things for your little pumpkins party. Hope you have a great week.

You have me laughing...taxes went in at 3:45 yesterday (our post office closes at 4:00) We uncelebrated with pizza and salad...I ate 3 slices...and I therefore walked an extra 1/2 hour on the treadmill today :)
♥, Susan

I sent my taxes in yesterday, beat ya! xo, suzy

FORTY-NINE OUNCES of candy corn!!! Now that is blog post worthy!

However, I"M not worthy to read your blog. You're FAR too organized for me. wow.

I'm laughing because my husband has the same addiction. CANDY CORN is forbidden at our place!

Candy corn is one of my worst downfalls...seriously..I've eaten a bag in a single day before! I'm definitely feeling your tax pain fabric shopping for awhile...better start cutting 1 1/2" strips!

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