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April 28, 2009


It's a great idea! I'm sure you'll find a place to make it work. :)

I think your bead curtains are so cute! What a neat idea.

I love the fats!

Darling post on Moda Bake Shop, I am old enough to remember those beaded curtains from the 60's!!! This is so much cuter, and more quiet!!

I have some fat quarters of from pillow cases, I'll take some pictures today if you're interested :)

I have plenty of sheets. How much do you want? Fat quarters? Small pieces? I think I have a rubbermaid bin full of them, but it does seem like I recently got rid of some... lol. Just email me.

Love your new curtain , super cute!

FYI, your link/post is not working. :) Could be operator error...

Those are so cute and they would go in my daughter's room, she only has one window. If I don't get yours, I'll make her one, it's so pretty!

I'm right in the middle of making my grand daughters room into a big girl room and would those ever fit right into my color scheme.

Loved your tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop today...and I also love the fat quarters!!!

p.s.s. If you have no takers for the beads My dear daughter would LOVE those in her window in her room!

p.s. I know I haven't gotten back to you about the letters for the birthday banner--please excuse me--I had to have 2 wisdom teeth removed and I've been somewhat "distracted" sorry--will email you soon.
Kelly O.

Hi Jen,
Sheridan at Chaletgirl is in the midst of a vintage sheet swap right now...maybe you can get in under the wire...

You're right. It looks much better in the before picture. Thank God you saw that too because as creators we really need to be careful not to be too influenced by other people's ideas. I now have a ton of old sheets cut into 2 inch strips for knitting rugs. Maybe I will and maybe I won't. After 10, who knows?

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