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March 29, 2009


Just subscribed to your blog and may have to unsubscribe. I'll never get anything done cause you have too many cool things! It's everything I can do NOT to run off to Target right now to get one of those egg holders. My dining room is teal/brown and that would look fantastic in there!
I love the idea of using the quilt as lots of small projects. Too perfect!
Seriously, love your blog and I promise NOT to unsubsribe.

LOVIN'the quilt, all the different colours and patterns! You'll be able to make so many different projects. Blessings, Heather

What a good "meaty" post. So much to look at and think about. This quilt is amazing. Good for you. The Target find is wonderful.

Great quilt top...can't wait to see what new shapes it takes on. Creative Jens? I have always thought that I might do that with Sues.
♥, Susan

I am off to target after I drop of the kiddos to school for that holder. I love it. So happy I found your blog :O)

Saw that egg holder at Target the other day and passed it by - but NOW I SEE it in a whole new the turquoise paint! I'm headed there tomorrow to see if I can find a holder to work some magic on!

Ahh, Target. They are closing my Target, yup, because it is moving down the street to soon be a brand new SUPER Target!! I love the quilt top and I don't think there is anything wrong with cutting it up. Spread the love around. xo, suzy

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hexagons they are stunning. Lovely post.

So cute! I just bought a bunch of vintage egg plates. I'm going to put a chunky ring in each egg divot at the craft show.

Hehehe... I love the creative Jens list, thanks for including me!

I always start planning my kiddos birthdays waaaay in advance, too! My hubby thinks I'm crazy and that I put too much into it, but it gives me something to look forward to.

Oh lord, the hexagons are so pretty I could cry. But if you cut it, I really will cry. I will have to look away. LOL

Um, you said you wanted to share the hexagon quilt? As in, half the year at your house and half the year at my house? I'll take July - Dec, thanks.

what kind of house do you live in that you hide quilts in closets and under bedspreads?? Quilt that puppy up and hang it on a wall, over a couch/chair/loveseat/futon, nap under it everyday, go on picnic's with it, take it to the ballgame, put it on top of a card table for the coolest ever tent, have it at the foot of your bed so you can have sweet dreams every night, snuggle up in it and watch jane eyre, table cloth for a cool spring baby shower/bridal or book club.....i could go on. A train for a princess, camp under the stars in it, hang it on the wall when you have it for your 6 months, oh, now I'm repeating myself. Whatever you do, don't let the dog sleep on it. THAT is where I draw the line. Aren't you glad you asked? :)

Okay, I went to target and guess what? It was not there! I found it online - which is far harder for me because I am much better at purchasing thins like this by impulse. Ordering means thinking about spending the money...hmmmm ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I love the Target egg to get one of those...and I LOVE the hexagon quilt you found! Amazing! It will be great made up into a lot of fun projects...hope you share them all with us!!!

Love the new look of the blog. I can't believe you set up the new egg holder so many ways! I can't believe I missed the Sale at the Cancer Society! love your quilt and think it would be fine if you used it as fabric. better than siting in a box somewhere till it rots!

I want to go get one! :) I love it!

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