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March 16, 2009


What a killer SuperBuzzy score!!! And I'm drooling over your "Nanette quilt" wip draping on your yummy cupboard. My eyes are on a sugar high after seeing all of your eye-candy!

That fabric is killing me. Even though I just got my Pooh Tan order. I am still in envy Jen. I share your obession. I know people don't get it. I get it. I HAVE IT. It is hard to explain. But I want all the fabric Japan has - well not the kimono stuff - but the reproduction, you know. Your quilt is so so so darling. It is fun and easy to do and a good way to show off the fabric. I have some squares I got from Pooh Tan that are from the odds and ends pile. They are all so lovely. I can't cut them. So I need to make something else sorta like this. Thanks for liking my quilt!!! Actually it is a table topper and since my swap partner got it I can show it all tomorrow.

I love me some Japanese fabrics too. Superbuzzy is wonderful. And your quilt in progress will be great.
Good job on the weight!!!!

Have fun with all your new yummy goodness:)
I am here on Okinawa Japan but have yet to find an actual FABRIC shop, its hard to know what is what when you cant read Japanese, you pretty much have to know someone who has been to certain places , but I will keep an eye out :)

State fabric? Holey Kamoley, where did you ever find that?
Your quilt is gonna be gorgeous!!!
I will have to go check out Super Buzzy...never heard of it.
Peggy in NJ

What a post...SuperBuzzy here I come!!! And your "Nanette" quilt is gorgeous! I'm so inspired to go sew now...thank you!

I have never ordered from SuperBuzzy, and now I MUST!

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