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March 12, 2009


I am with you on the WW thing....I loose the weight and get all full of myself and then it does come back!! The meetings really are part of the deal, and writing down what I eat. Glad Sharon is keeping us on target!!

I had a similar experience with some xmas clear globes i was going to make presents with. You know, when you put the paing in them and swirl it around? yeah, didn't turn out. The paint sank to the bottom of the globe and looked awful!! So.....being the crafty lady i am, i decoupaged my fabric scraps on the outside of them and they turned out SO CUTE!!! Cheers to you for salvaging your project!

That video gave me a good giggle. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, that song is a HOOT! I'm 13 weeks pg with my second and it's all too timely. :)

LOVE that Easter basket!

Oh man, that basket is to-die-for!!! I love it. I can also picture it in Lilly Pulitzer fabrics...yummy. Can't wait to see yours.

WOOHOOO a gold star for you!!! I'll be putting one in the mail ok?? lolol Good for you getting on that treadmill. I just walk by mine and say hi or throw some clothes at it.
I love that Easter basket. Is it easy to do? You make one first then let me know ok?

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