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March 20, 2009


Where did you find the sweet pink ironing board? Oh my, love it!
Also love the studio!! Wow!

The girls are soooooo cute. Love your cabinet.

What sweet lovely girls. Love the cabinet. Think of the great memories they are making. I can't imagine taking care of all those kids either. I was thinking today. How would you have time to shower no less go buy milk and bread!

I love your cabinets...they're absolutely beautiful!

Jen, I'm so proud to know you. You are talented, friendly, helpful (soundls kind of like a puppy dog)and I appreciate that you are a grandma who takes her job seriously! I'd do anything for MY grandbabies and I know you would too!

Such pretty little lucky to have you spoiling them. They are just too sweet.
♥, Susan

Little girls are so precious! These two are adorable and what a special play room! xo, suzy

what sweet little girls!! soo cute!! :-) LOVE the cabinets!! fabulous!! I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!! hugs!!! :-) Britt :-)

Those girls could not be any cuter, even when pouting.

And if you don't tell me where you found scallop trim I'll be pouting, and possibly ranting and raving. xo

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