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March 26, 2009


Your posts make me smile and laugh. The book looks very interesting. Of course the cover grabs me in my quilty heart!

Hi Jenny,

thanks for the book love! So great to hear that everyone is enjoying it. Book 2 is out in the USA in 2010, but if you can't wait that long you can pre-order it from me. Have you seen my new blog yet? Make sure and say hi if you stop by!

I don't know if things are the same there, but the local library in my hometown has phone books going back many years.
Also, the country clerk in your hometown might have a few different ways to help, maybe land records or tax records. I would just stop in there and ask what records might exist to prove your address at that time, I'll bet they'll have something.

I just had a entry in my own blog about cats and quilters...I have 10 of witch 7 Maine Coons and the odd kitten now and then. I can't keep up with the hairs. I am always brushing hairs of everything. My quilts are piled up somewhere and I can't quilt anymore because of the cats. Lay one tiny scrap of fabric down and a cat sits on it. You try to quilt and the curl up under your work. You try to patch and they wil pinch your needles or the bobbin or something else...But would I want to miss them....That is the real question.

I'm with you, girl, Adam's the real deal! I like your new banner :)

Super cool about the address in the book!

Yes, please on the slipcover tut!

I must confess to watching AI, too. I haven't committed to any of them yet, though. So far I'm just blown away by the number of really talented performers they have this season. Usually there are maybe one or two you can predict will be in the final, but it is impossible to tell this year. Adam is crazy-talented for sure, Alison is amazing, Lil, Danny, Anoop and Kris are great, too. Who am I forgetting... Matt is talented but he leaves me a little cold for some reason, especially when he moves away from his piano, its like his personality changes. The others will probably drop off one by one and it will be interesting to see where it goes!

Um, Um, heart is beating fast. I have so much to say!! FIRST, I can't believe I don't have that material obsession's book in my hands yet. I've been eyeing it on their blog for months now waiting for the US release. I, too, just want to make every single thing in there and on their blog. Love them.

I can't believe you have long haired cats, white carpet AND a black car. You have some serious adult oppositional defiance going on. :)

YES, when can we expect that upolstry tutorial???? tomorrow? i have furniture that needs attention. I even have a marvelous green bedspread that would work perfectly. Now, just need to know the how-to.

i think i'm done now. OH, love the flying book and twilight zone experience.
now, i'm done again.

Oh I forgot....the afghan. You're a good person. Dang it, i don't get the Fox channel and I'm missing this whole awesome season of AI. sad. But I'm right up to date on celebrity apprentice. :D

The universe is trying to tell you something. How about school records, a doctor who still has a practice in the area, or hospital records. See if they have record of you at that address. Love the front cover of the book. I also agree with you about the afghan. I never understand how people can donate such personal things. We have a closet full of quilts and afghans made by family members. Have a wonderful weekend.
♥, Susan

That is just freaky coincidental on the book!!! Love the slipcover and afghan! I also have a black car. I am so needs to be washed in the worst way. Love the cool quilt too. I have a few favorites on AI. Love Allison (red-head), Adam, and Danny. I think they are the most talented and will do well even if they don't win. I thought Adam's Ring of Fire was eerie, but so cool. Loved his performace and clean looks this week too.

I just added that book to my amazon wishlist last week. I am glad to hear you liked it.

I have no clue about the unclaimed money thing. I think here in MO you just fill out a form with your SSN and they give you the cash. It was easy for my dad to get his. Were you a kid when you lived there? If so maybe there is a public school record of some sort with that address and your names on it?

Holy Crap! That address thing! I love things like that. :)

Wild! Maybe it's a sign you shouldn't give up? You are cracking me up with your emails by the way. When can you move to the Midwest?

OK that is so freaky!!! I also must check out the quilt book! and I hope you get your $$$. Loved the swap pictures you added today!!

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