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February 03, 2009


I can certainly see how you ate the entire box in 7 days. Shoulda predicted that.
The zig zag man! Teenagers of the 70s. I was a master at rolling those things:) So glad my dad and Luke don't read blogs:)

I just cleaned out my teen daughters closet and my living room looked like that too! Now it's bag'd up for donations to my sister with little ones and one to the Salvation Army. I used to sell the baby/toddler clothes at a local consignment shop before that was even the 'in' thing to do!

You're the busiest person I know!! My mom never helps me with anything...wanna help me?
Thanks for the snackie tip:)

I graduated high school in 74 and was heavy into the Zig Zag man. Takes me back... Anyway, thanks for the tip on the yummy snack bars. Hmmmm, Zig Zag man, snack bars..... can you say munchies?

Zig zag, from the local head a memory! Good going with the weight loss. I haven't gone back to weight watchers yet, but have increased my walking every day. Even though I am not on plan right now, I look at food and my head automatically goes to the points. Neat batik and I ditto what Suzy said on the first comment.
♥, Susan

PS - I think the zucchini quiche is about 100 pts. :-)!!!

You are cracking me up with your zig zag man....too funny. Congrats on the weight loss, way to go. Now I need to find those weight watcher bars.

Yep, I'll have a gigantic yard sale this summer with an insane amount of baby stuff. Thing is I didn't buy hardly anything but baby showers just get crazy.

Pretty quilt.

That turtle bar looks yummy. Congrats on the weight loss. Whatever you are losing I'm gaining. I get so down in the winter and then the eating begins.

I love those turtle bars, I also love the fiber one bars. Have you tried those yet? I find them the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Did you say ZIG ZAG MAN?? lololol!!! You kill me. Great job on the weight loss. I'm so proud of you. And that snack bar you have looks yummy.
Looks like your having a baby sale right there in your family room. WHOA that's alot of clothes. lolol Good luck you two!!! Hope you sell lots.

1976.... I was a punk 14 year old! I remember how popular Ziz-Zag man was back then. How awful what happened to yours. In my 9th grade art class (it wasn't called "art", they gave it some funky name and bussed our art teachers in from Berkeley). Anyhoo... I embroidered the Pink Floyd "heartbeat" down the leg of my Levi cords. If only your Zig-Zag man took... what a pair we would be now!

Hi Jen, I have to tell you I've been slowing going to some of the blogs for the giveaway and your baby quilt is hands down the best damn giveaway on the list! xo, suzy

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