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February 23, 2009


This is Dusty,one of Mama's daughters.She has had a really bad night with the pain,If any of her friends here would like to see a donation in a small creation of art , cards or money it would be greatly appreciated. Her hospital bills and meds are running high.Thank you for any thoughts.
It can be sent to
Jessie LaVon 854
Demopolia ,Alabama 36732

Holy Cow, your post is so packed I can't remember what I was going to say at the beginning! LOVE the quilt and LOL'd at all the unfortunatelys -- especially that blinded by love -- wanna explain that one LOL!

"Unfortunately, Jennifer looks like she is stuck in a 1980’s time warp!"... well if you'd stop wearing those leg warmers you could get un-stuck!

Love all the quilty goodness!!!!

That is just about the most gorgeous quilt I've ever seen! I love the colors.

You are right...cute quilt!!!! Love the rainbow picture, quite the view to look at.
What wonderful eye candy in your post :-)!

You come up with the cutest kits! What's the contraption you're using for the alphabet letters? I'm seriously curious.

Pure cuteness! These blocks sing to me a turquoise song, whatever that sounds like.

It is a seriously cute quilt and a seriously cute dog, who is getting SO BIG (mine, too!).

I like your quilt Jen. That is a serious stack of yo yo's.
No worries on the gain. Just dont let it happen again. lolol!!! I'm KIDDING.

Your unfortunatelies were so much better than mine!
Unfortunately, Ruth was diagnosed with spinal meningitis...
Unfortunately, Ruth didn't live to see it...
Unfortunately, Ruth's cancer recurred...
Unfortunately, Ruth Hunter has left the list...
Unfortunately Ruth's dog died during the night... good news for Ruth today. Unfortunately.

Love the quilt, turquoise and brown is a favorite of mine.

That quilt is adorable, I love it! And what a cute dog, we have a corgi too. They are the greatest!

The rainbow is is the quilt!! :)

Wow. Adorable stuff on your blog. The quilt, the kits, the dog. Love it all.

I got the baby quilt in the mail on Saturday!! It's even better in person. Such lovely work. Thank you again.

Nothing wrong with Nikon D50 on those rainbow photos - WOW!
And I love the colors and style of the new quilt.

My goodness you have been a busy girl! I love that imperfect scallop border, divine!! xo, suzy

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