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January 19, 2009


LOVE the turkey bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed this opportunity, but found your blog which looks wonderful! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I like the look of those tortillas, it always bums me out that regular tortillas add up to SO many points! I've decided to be a loser this year, so I'll need to get me some of those there 'tillas. Your afternoon in the studio sounds blissful, and you do for others all the time, you deserve to take the day off!

Sounds like you are doing a lot of sevice for others, but I know loving every minute of it. Be a babysitting grandma myself, I know the fun it is and I am enjoying every minute of it. Great tip on the breakfast burrito stuff. I am going to give that burrito a try. I have been eating yogurt and granola and thing I need something new!!

I am also doing weight watchers and am new to your blog. I found this post really encouraging. thanks

Today was awesome beyond words... and I love the call to service! My eight years in the Navy should give me a couple of months to slack time. Right? J/k... I really am motivated to serve.

But for now... I gladly help you fulfill your servitude! Your guilt is just gorgeous, Jen! Like EVERYTHING you do!

Your breakfast sounds great. I'm trying to do South Beach Diet as per my doc's orders (it has really cut my cholesterol levels way down). But I use Canadian Bacon instead of the turkey bacon...not my thing. I am so enjoying the journal pages and Pyramid bag I bought from your Etsy Store. thank you thank you thank you.

WOW your giving away a quilt?? WOOHOOO And I love those colors!!
Hey good job on the weight loss Jen! I'm going to try your breakfast. That looks so good and very filling. Thanks for that. I'm getting tired of my dry flaky cereal and watered down milk. LOL!!!

I use those smart and delicious tortillas, too. I just love them although I use the traditional type. I am in Sharon's Diet Challenge, too, and I am also following WW. I try to post recipes with WW points every week. Feel free to stop by! Your burritos sounds delicious.

I still love that quilt! That looks like a good breakfast. I have to say, I tried a wrap that my dd bought at the store, and it was SSOOOO bad. It couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. Hopefully these tortillas taste better!

Ok, I would eat that for breakfast! Thanks for sharing! That's always part of the problem, is coming up with food that is enough to keep you full. I love laughing cow cheese too!

Oh crap............. I keep putting off the diet thing. Now you are making me feel bad! :)

Good for you and your weight loss!
I will so need to start here in a few weeks as soon as I have this new wee little one. I have gained over 30 pounds and weigh more than I have my entire life .....
I am all ready envisioning taking the baby to the gym with

Good for you Jen.

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