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January 12, 2009


I would love to buy raffle tickets. Please let me know how.

Love that quilt! Will you sell a couple tickets to a gal in SC?

I love that quilt, love it bigly. Very bigly.

That quilt is INCREDIBLE! I love it. Thanks for showing it.

Jen---I know the reason for calling this an "Opportunity" Quilt. You may have an opportunity to buy a ticket that may afford this quilt being given to you. You see, many people are offended at gambling. Oh, and it is actually illegal in many places. In CA (where we live) it is illegal to run a raffle. That doesn't stop most organizations from doing it (and actually there is now a way around it if you file paperwork with the state & the guild has done that). So it's not a RAFFLE Quilt, it's an OPPORTUNITY quilt...we are taking the opportunity to make $$$ when people buy our tickets. I've got 36 to sell also...anyone?

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