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January 09, 2009


You're hilarious:) Your quilt is wonderful. I never cease to be amazed at what some people can do with fabric. Quilting Arts type stuff. I can't imagine ever devoting what it would take to get so incredibly skilled at something. Properly sewing fabric squares together is very hard for me. I still haven't finished poor Jackson's Roy Rogers quilt. I guess I should pay someone to do it. I'm too intimidated.

I just love your quilt, no laughing from me...

Thanks so much for the roman blinds tute--as one of the thousands!

You slay me with your quilts! Gorgeous!

Beautiful quilt Jen! After I posted about my enamel pin mirror last year it got picked up by the same blogs in Turkey and ever since, my stats by country rank USA #1 and Turkey #2. Oh yeah, GeorgiaPeachez is huge over there in Turkey! xo, suzy

Love seeing all the quilts, but HANDS DOWN #21 is the best. Your sleeve slash label... GENIUS!

Well I'm still super fond of your quilt, I think it's grand! How fun to meet with other quilters on a themed project like this, I love the way everyone works their own interpretation. My little quilting class group is just kicking off for the new year, we're hoping for some new members too.

Its lovely. And what a cool bunch of quilts at the guild. SEe there's room for everyone's interpretation. Love what you did. xo

Jen, I Love your quilt!!! It's gorgeous...

Great quilts but I love the one you made the very best.

WOW! I love your quilt. So unique and GORGEOUS!!! Love all the other interpretations too. You have some very talented people in your guild.

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