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January 31, 2009


I have been wanting to make a quilt just EXACTLY like the base that you showed in your picture. I love just simple clean lines and the diamond shapes that it has. How did you make it? Please please share!
By the way, love your blog and I'm going to be daring and try the roman shades!

Delicious pics.

I love your favorite things nook! Dying over your yo-yo quilt. Love it so much!

great ribbon holder-what a wonderful mom! i decided to make a yo-yo quilt that i started in high school (over 35 years ago!) and i admit it's pretty overwhelming so i'm going small. post
that's a great idea to sew them on to a ready made base. i own two yo-yo quilts and they're sewn together really well. i'll have to post them on flickr.

Love the ribbon holder, an inventive way of decorating and recycling.

Suzanne in CT

The colors in your yo you quilt are going to be beautiful and cheery. I love the ribbon dispenser. So cool! I just love the special things of days gone by. Your mom was very sweet to give it to you to enjoy.

I love love love that gift and your blog too! So glad I found it!

I love that vintage ribbon holder, and the vintage paper holder right next to it also. What a fun quilt you are making. Can't wait to see the end result.

That yoyo quilt is fantastic! I'm inspired thanks :)

so so pretty! that yoyo quilt is going look amazing!

Really love the ribbon holder. I bet you were surprised. And, yes, that would be a mighty elusive search;) Actually, pretty close to impossible.
The quilt is gorgeous. I love yoyos. I've always meant to use yoyos in some way. I'm sure I could come up with something. I even know how to make them:) Really.
I get a bit frustrated by your quilting talk because I'm unfamiliar with the vernacular. It's a whole new language.

I have to laugh - you and your mom sound a good bit like me and mine! The ribbon dispenser is great and the yoyo will be super! Nice thinking - oh, except maybe for the math. :) ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Great minds must think alike, because I also want to know how are you going to sew the yo-yo's onto the base quilt?

I think this is going to be a beautiful quilt. You are very patient to be doing all those yo-yos. Keep it up!

WOW! What a wonderful gift! Your little corner is bliss, my friend :))))~~~XXOO, Beth

OMG you get so much done!!! You are Superwoman! I love your nook too! Can I have that ribbon dispenser when you die?

(Don't worry, I'll be long gone by then.)

Oh that's so pretty! I love that ribbon dispenser!

PS - You are not odd, I kept thinking "I need to tell Jen I have HBO." Like you were up nights worrying about it or something!

I LOVE your nook. It is so charming! And that ribbon holder fits in there perfectly.

What a great idea for your yo-yo quilt, too! How are your going to attach the yo-yos to the base quilt?

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