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December 23, 2008


That letter is very touching. We have a huge homeless population here in Sacramento, and the girls always donate to fill stockings for homeless children. We could do more... we should.
So about that wii pic. WHATEVER! I'm jealous! I WISH we had one. I'm on the hunt now. I'm starting to think we should have just asked Santa... because I can't find them anywhere! LOLOLOL! I'm quite sure I'll have to get a set of boxing gloves to go with mine because my girls will not sit quietly by while the other one plays. LOLOLOLOL!

Hi Jen,
I was wondering if you received my e-mail from the 13th - Sharon said it was okay to send one. Just wanted to let you know that I have scrapped everything I was working on because it was all Christmas related and have since started everything new - hope to be finished soon. Again, my apologies.


Merry Christmas Jen!!!

Hey, check out my last couple blog posts. I posted the festival of lights that takes place about 30 minutes from here. Pictures don't do justice but they are fun to look at.

Hey, have a very merry one!

Merry Christmas Jen. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement this year. xo

I bought my Mom the big green angel this year that goes with the nativity. I think it's a new piece. I believe it's called Peace. She loves her nativity. It is very nice. Tasteful.

If I don't get back here tomorrow Merry Xmas!

Shoot the letter wouldn't enlarge for me.

Looks like everyone is having fun!

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