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December 19, 2008


You are beautiful - both of you. A few years ago my husband and I went to a formal event and we dressed up at Christmas time kind of like your picture. I look at my picture of that night and think - omigosh, where did the time go. The other day my husband said to me "it is going to be 29 years on the 29th - where did the time go? did you ever think it would turn out like this" A big no. I didn't. Good and bad both make for a strange life at times. Well you are adorable. It is fun to kick it up a bit at our age and dress for an occasion. Love it.

Nice looking couple! Happy Holidays! xo, suzy

Wow what agreat looking couple. Seriously what are you complaining about !!! You both look happy and healthy and in love. Really Jen, can it be better than that?

awwww..besides cracking me really make me smile!!!

You two look GREAT!!!

Sending big happy holidays hugs!!
xoxo Jenny....and Aaron

First of all, you look very pretty. I love that dress. My guess would've been you spent big bucks on it. Very feminine with just the right sparkle.

Last year I found the most beautiful short cape- type thing at a consignment shop. I'm sure it has a real name. lol. Worked my entire outfit around it. Can't tell ya how many compliments I received. It had these beautiful sequins/beads on the bottom. I paid around $18 I think. I know it wasn't more than $20. I also purchased my shoes there and they are also my favorite fancy smancy shoes---not that I own many but they are just the right strapiness.

It's hit or miss but always worth a try!

You guys are a beautiful couple! I do think that dress was meant just for you. Things like that don't "just happen". I am sure their were ladies at the even wishing they had a dress just as lovely as yours.

I hope it's ok, I would like to add you to my links on my blog. I think you are so talented and it would be fun to share your work with my other blog friends.

Hope you are having a very happy holiday.

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