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December 02, 2008


Where does the time go? ( I think with the little ones!) Can't wait to see what's cookin' at your house.

I comes way to early every year. I need a calendar that tells me lies so that I can be on time. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving...can't wait to see what you are cookin' up this time.
♥, Susan

We don't even have our tree yet. Though I did manage to clean the house so we could get ready this weekend.

Boy I can't believe it's upon us!!!! Love your virtual calendar from last year and the wonderful mix of people you had....and we LOVE Mexican Train. Our kids aren't so wild about it, but John and I really enjoying playing!

I can't wait to see what you've cooked up! I SWEAR it was JUST YESTERDAY I was griping that it was too early for Christmas in the stores/ads. And in an instant it's here. Now. And I'm not ready!

The holidays get here quicker every year, I swear! I know your handmade goodies are the hit of the season!~~~XXOO, Beth

Shouldn't Christmas be every OTHER year?

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