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December 21, 2008


Oh my goodness Jen, you just made me cry!! I know the story of Caleb's Dad, but I didn't know about the Angel Tree Project. I'm so thrilled that Caleb had the joy of a message and gifts from his Daddy, that is so amazing. I guess it's divine intervention that he was at your home when those ladies came by, a Christmas miracle indeed.

What a touching Christmas moment. Thank you Jen. Yes, Caleb - there is a Santa Claus. Isn't it hard that youth is spent on youth. I try so hard to let my 20 year old daughter know that now is the time to make decisions that will affect your life positively for many years go come. Some of them get it and some don't. One of mine doesn't. Caleb is a delight. Good things come to pass.

Jen, we've been giving to the Angel Tree Project for years now and it is so great to hear a personal story. That Caleb is such a dear boy. and it IS important he know his father loves him. Here's a big hug for you both all the way from MINN.

Oh Jenny, you are breaking my heart. What a beautiful boy Caleb is and how lucky you're his grandma.

Thank you for sharing. I know that's a really personal story and probably not the easiest thing to share, but you have no idea the number of people that you touched by letting us into your world.
The Angel Tree program is amazing. I know Caleb feels loved by all of you, but I'm sure it meant a lot to him to know his dad was thinking of him too. I wish you all the best and I hope that Caleb's dad has been able to get his life straightened out so that he can have a real relationship with his son someday.

Bless you and Bless Caleb! Thank you for sharing....I pray for all the children who are in a similar situation. Merry Christmas!

Who wouldn't want to share with a smile like that.

Heart bigger, eyes full of tears. Blessings to Caleb. Tt is very obvious he has lots of peole around who love and care about him. Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful post.

Well there's your Christmas miracle this season. Amazing.

Yes, my heart did grow bigger and my eyes teared up a little. This is just so great for that little boy. To feel remembered by his Daddy is probably exactly what he needs. It's nice to know he thinks of him at this time especially.

Funny--I took one of Taylor's toys to a coworker last week. It was a duplicate (brand new in the package) and I had saved it in the closet thinking a situation might arise. I really didn't think much of it. Thought I'd donate it to Toys for Tots. I knew my coworker's son was going through a rough divorce and had moved into her house (along with his 3 children who go back and forth from house to house). Thought she could give it to her youngest granddaughter. When I dropped it off she was soooo appreciative and hugged me HARD and cried and cried. This coming from a tough cookie of a woman who doesn't show much emotion. I'll never forget it. Got a card in the mail 2 days later thanking me.

Over the years we'll all forget the gifts and the cookies etc. etc. but these are the moments that stick---the real moments.

This is just such a lovely story - thank you for sharing it with us. The perfect way to start my day:) I bet it makes the world of difference in Caleb's life to know that his father remembered him and cared enough to do his best for him at Christmas:)

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