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November 25, 2008


I am very impressed with your instructions, as I have perused the web to find good instructions for the 18 (ugh!) windows in our new house that I want to make insulated Roman blinds for. But I have a few questions I hoped you could answer.
First, I don't want to replace the beautiful Art & Craft era windows and spoil the character of the house, so have opted for snug fitting insulated blinds & storm windows instead. Do you have any suggestions for making thick, heavy blinds? Should I use an insulated liner sandwiched between the front & back layers? If so, of what? Or would it be too thick & not fold properly?
Second, I have two windows that are over five feet across (and yep, one solid piece of glass). Other than using an extra row or two of rings, any other recommendations that should keep in mind?
Lastly, why don't you use dowels? It doesn't seem to be necessary by the looks of your beautiful blinds, but then why do others use them? I'd rather skip them since I have a lot of large windows and don't want to add to the bulk or weight, but are there circumstances where it is better to use them (eg: big windows)?
Thanks in advance for your help! Keep up the good work. :-)

My window is 2 meters wide by 90cm drop. How many vertical rows and how many cords should I use, would it be better to use rods because of the width. Or can you send me instructions for the best way to make these. I would really love to be able to make this blind myself as I cannot afford to have one made up. Thank you, your advice will be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in trying these blinds. Have you ever used a heavier upholstery fabric? Wondering if this can work or will a bulkier fabric not pleat as well. Any advice?

Wow! This is great. What a surprise to find out this was posted so long ago. Way to go Ms. Duncan. Thank you!
Here's my Facebook post:

I'm about to sew my rings onto my 50" wide by 55" long. What do you suggest the spacing be from he bottom to the top? Can I get away with 3 rows of rings? Thanks so much!

Thank you for your help and encouragement on the roman shades for my daughters three large bedroom windows and I am getting very anxious to start them. I have just a couple more questions if you could help me I would really appreciate it.
The windows are each 68 3/4" wide by 62 3/4" long.
1. How many vertical rows would you suggest on a window of this size.
2. I am going to put blackout lining on them. How would you attach the rings? I usually put them on with the machine but will that make holes (even though small) that would let daylight through.
Any suggestions????

Thanks for all your help!!!!

I'm afraid I can't answer Sharon, the last posted question, as she didn't leave an email address. I can't imagine a tension rod strong enough to stay in place while pulling the cords of the blind up and down. I've only ever used tension rods for sheers. Good luck!

Great instructions. I am going to give it a try. I want to hang them from a tension rod though, since my husband made the window frames and ledges and they are mahogany so I can't possibly put holes in them! Is there any tricks to doing that?

My daughter has 3 large windows in her bedroom 68 3/4" Wide X 62 3/4" Long. Would you do one on each window or make two? If so how many rings would you put on the panels across. I worry that if it is too large she may have trouble keeping it level.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks so much for this great tutorial.... I made these following your instructions, you can see my result on my kate corrie sewing blog a

very,very nice

Love the tutorial, but have a question.
I have a side door that is mainly glass (only an edge of about 5" of the metal door - middle is glass) and need to make a roman shade to keep out the sun in the summer and privacy at night.
What I need help with is I want the shades to have the folds in them when it is straightened all the way down for a little extra "flair". How do I do this - I was thinking that when I attached the rings I could have the fabric folded and stitch thru the top edge of the fold to hold it this way, but didn't know if that was the way to do it. Also, if I'm doing a long shade, doing your 8" to 7" to 6" etc. measurements, won't that make the bottom fold really big?
Appreciate your input :)

I love this but my problem lies with attaching the blind to the wood at the top of the window. I still can't figure out how to do it. Can you please help? Thank you

I love your blinds. I would like to make some for my 6' windows. I'm assuming I'll need to make 4 rows of rings. What I am not sure of is how to run the string ??

I did it! Thank you for your wonderful instructions! I can't wait to show my husband how much money we saved on shades that are more professional looking and a fraction of the cost of the ones we bought from Smith and Noble four years ago. Well, one shade down, ten more to go! Better get back to work!

Thanks again!

Liz Bryan

Thank you for the great tutorial. I made 4 blinds for my living room they were 33 1/2 by 70 when they were done but they look beautiful. I'd post a pic but don't know how - but they are on my FB page. But you say to open the bottom and slide the weight in - I thought it far easier to slide the weight in before you sew the hoops on. Just and FYI that worked great for me! Thanks again!

i am going to do this!
my window is 59" wide. should i be doing 4 rows of rings for the cord, or is 3 enough? thanks!

I found your blog when googling what type of fabric to use for homemade roman shades. What do you recommend? Awesome tutorial I'll definitely be using!!

These are the best directions I've ever received. Thank you very much.

LOVE THIS! I think I could do this even!! Exciting :D My one question - how far from the bottom edge is the first ring placed? I don't see that measurement but it is 7" to the next ring, right?

Okay, I just found you and I LOVE YOU! So much, really! Do you know how long I've been looking for a tutorial like this? Not only that but one of a roman shade that is white on the other side? Oh my, you've really just made my year- and I'm talking all the way through 2009. I feel like I can do this now and it's so exciting- I have 26 windows in my house and the only thing I could afford (without throwing up on the spot) were vinyl mini blinds (gross, I know.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Beautiful. Nice finished work! I'm going to try to tackle a window that is about 10 feet wide and 3 feet long. It's in the kids room, and I just take deep breaths about it. Not sure if I have the stamina to sew the rings in there without ADD'ing all over the place! What keeps me going are your beautiful pictures ... Thanks!

Used your tutorial with a few small tweaks and am just delighted with the results, thanks so much!

There is a 7" gap between the bottom ring and the one above it, correct? How many inches from the bottom hem to the bottom ring? Thanks!

We're building a new house at the moment and had a quote to have curtains/blinds made for the whole house - EEK! We have to have roman blinds in the living area (7 BIG sliding windows) and as I've never made them before, I was pretty nervous. This is the first site I've looked at and thank goodness! SO easy, thank you. I've made plenty of drapes before, lined and unlined, and these look as easy as that. Thank you from Australia!!

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