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November 25, 2008


This was such a huge help. The best step by step I've read yet, and I've read many.
Thank you!

Obrigada. VI imensos vídeos e o seu é perfeito. Muito obrigada.

Just wondering if there is a more efficient way to sew on the brass rings? It seemed like the majority of my time was spent doing that. I suppose gluing wouldn't work since you have to go through the lining and the fabric. That said, your tutorial is wonderful! I've made two shades for my daughters room, need one more and now I'm tackling the master bedroom windows. I'm also going to try adding a cordlock that I found on Amazon.

any suggestions for the pleating (spacing of rings) on windows that are 75 inches long in an old Victorian. I have made roman shades before and have sewn the pleats in so that there are pleats when the shade is down. I think for so large a window that perhaps it would look better to have pleats only when shades are up. So when you do the ring spacing do you have suggestions. Also good call on the brass rings. Might as well not run into the problem of them becoming brittle

Hi Jen

I'm about to start a blind building project and love your post. Only thing I'm still not sure about it how you actually attach the blind to the window frame - are they screwed directly into the wood?

Hope you have a moment to respond

Thanks again


No, I'm sorry I haven't ever taken them down to wash. I'm more likely to just replace them because they get sun faded or I get bored after a few years :-)

Thanks for this lovely Roman Blind steps. I live on a farm and it could get realy dusty.I just want to know when your blinds are done and hanging, how do you wash it?
Do you have any advice for me???

Thanks so much for sharing this. I actually really like the look of these blinds. They also seem to keep light out a lot better. I should definitely install some.

Thank you so much for your tutorial Jen. I am in Australia and have bought a new home with heaps of windows including two bay windows ... 6 glass panels right there. I made a 'test' roman blind this morning for the house we are selling and am now confident to make roman blinds for the new house. After that I just may take the money I saved on a holiday with my husband! :)

amei o tutorial,adorei,vou tentar fazer.

I just had to leave a comment here to let you know that this tutorial is still very much appreciated! I live in an old home and all the window coverings are shot. I was looking at the cost to cover all these large old windows with roman shades and wow I would be paying over $600 and thats not including the smaller windows! I hope to get this started in the next week and have some amazing roman shades thanks to you! I just wanted to know where you picked up the piece of wood? Thank you again for this tutorial!

I don't use rods because they are not necessary. Because I like the soft drape look better than a bundle of rods, and because it would be a whole LOT more work trying to be that precise in measurements. (I think "because they aren't necessary" is actually answer enough ;-) )

I also would love to know why you do not use dowling rods and just use the rings. Please explain your thinking

Thankyou so much for your informative and truly excellent instructions. I am an old sewer who needs to get back into home making. We have just downsized to single level living and I have lots of projects buzzing around my head. Your lined Roman Blind is top of the list when I get my sewing machine out of Storage.

please could you tell me where you bought that awesome fabric from? many thanks. lynn

Hello, please help I'm making my roman blinds tomorrow. I have my fabric and everything but my head is starting to hurt regarding where to put my rings. My inside window measurement is 135 cm long by 117.75 cm wide. I want to reduce ring spacing like you have done to create a nice pleated effect....but I don't know the measurements to separate them by? ...Because I dont know How long i should make the headrail bit ( the bit of fabric above the folds, and what measurement in lenght I should leave from the bottom of the blind to the first ring/ fold.

Also one last thing if I could comes you don't use rods? Are they not necessary? I love the idea of not having them, but why do all other instructions on the net include these rods?

I would really love for you to reply so that I can use your tutorial, being that I prefer your steps to other people, however without the calculations of where to place my rings/ folds I don't know I can follow it!

Thank you in advance,
Regards Mehlika from the UK

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I picked up some cotton fabric last week at a yard sale. We recently bought a home, and the seller didn't leave any window treatments. I wanted to make roman shades for the breakfast with the fabric. I googled and found a few different sites, but none as easy and sensible as yours! They went together quickly, and look great! THANK YOU!

I love this! I used it to replace the blinds in my camper after my dog went nuts and ate the slats. Instead of using a board though, I reused the blind hard ware from the original blinds (the dog really did only chew the slats so everything else was usable). I used fabric I already had on hand, including the drapery lining and bought the rings. I spent about $20 on 4 windows! My husband was so thrilled at the money saved, he's suggested I do it for the house when I redecorate. He doesn't know I'm already collecting "broken" mini blinds from the neighbors to do that exact thing.

Wonderful tutorial! I combined this with another on faux roman shades. Made mine of canvas (drop cloth from the hardware store!). They are just heavy enough and look fantastic in neutral. Love how you spaced the folds. Thanks for sharing!!

Hi Im in the UK. I found your site today when I wanted to check out a couple of things whilst making a roman blind, my style! Found your page very useful and have finally put up my blind tonight so we can get rid of the cardboard box curtains we've had since moving into our brand new home three weeks ago!

Hi thanks for all your information about making roman blinds, I will make them for my B&B, one of my windows is 1,33cm wide, I will use (I think) 6 rows with rings. What about all those cords? Any tips for them to look tidy? I wonder if they would mess up while pulling up the roman blind? Thanks for your reply.

hi I was wondering if you had any suggestions to make these for a conservatory where I cannot apply any permanent fixings? is there a way to glue or anything? thanks love the tutorial.

How do you space wear you sew the rings to get the draped effect?


These all look amazing, I can't wait to get question before I do. I want these for metal french do affix them to metal doors that I can't screw into? Golly I LOVE the internet, THANKS for sharing you know how!!

Hi. I love your tutorial! I was wondering if it was possible to make the shades that pulled up...meaning that it bunched on the bottom and as you pull, the shades come up. If so, do you have any ideas and suggestions?

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