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November 25, 2008


Agreed. Best tutorial I've seen, and I've done some lookin' too. Thanks so much, can't wait to pick my fabric. Then I have to decide if I'm mounting on the inside of the frame or the outside. I'm going for a bit of room darkening in my Victorian bedroom.

The best tutorial I've seen! I've never had roman shades, and I'm still puzzled by one matter. If the cloth is stapled to the board which is then screwed (through the fabric) to the window frame, how does one launder the shade? It seems that detaching and reattaching the various parts would damage the cloth and the window frame (and be a lot of trouble--not that I'm a fanatical housekeeper who would wash them often) I was wondering about using Velcro (or tacks or whatever)to attach the cloth to the front of the board and covering the top of the shade with a valance. What do you think?

Brilliant - I'm looking forward to getting started! But I need to have mine on the outside of the window recess - what do I need to do differently?

thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, for the 'fold memory' note. i recently made a set, pulled the cords and was clean lines, no neat look,,,just a bunched up lopsided looking poufy mess...I've been beside myself trying to figure out what the heck i did wrong. ready for "voila!"

thanks! your tutorial was so clear and well thought out. it will save me from mistakes.
any suggestions on how to hang these on a metal balcony door?

It is very nice work.i am trying to make a curtain for my kitchen window anda Thé door.ÍF i send Thé photo öf my window can you please give më an idea? About

I have a window that is 220cm wide. Do you think this is too wide for a Roman blind? Do you think I should add in another row or two of rings to support the extra width?

Hi, I tried to see the answers for the questions other people asked, but didn't see those. I am wondering if these can be installed above the window about 6-8 inches, as I don't want to lose any window space with the shade even when it's pulled up. Thanks!

Great idea! One question, my windows will not allow for the shade to be mounted on the inside. Do you have any ideas to give a finished look for an outside mount? We recently moved and the whole house needs window coverings but unfortunately the second pane is almost flush with the window trim so I have no other choice but to do an outside mount. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

I just have to say thank you for this great tutorial, I have looked at I think every tutorial on pinterest and until I found yours I was still confused. I definitely think I'm ready to give this a try.

Thanks so much for a great tutorial! Roman shades will be perfect for the big window in my Glamper!

I sew on the brass rings using zig zag stitch set at zero length . The blinds takes a lot less time

I find XYLAN coated eye screws stop friction and reduce the cord chaffing. For a longer lasting blind!
I get mine from:

This is a great tutorial! I want to make many for my house! Quick question, what do you do with the two cords that you pull the shade up with?

I love the look of Roman Shades but most pictures I've seen are on tall narrow windows. I was wondering if they would also work on short wide windows.

I really love the look of roman blinds, and those green ones that you installed into your bedroom really compliment the color scheme. I've been thinking about installing some into my own home for some time now, but I wasn't sure how expensive it would be, or how difficult. You make it look so easy, and it really isn't too expensive to install them myself. I'll have to find a good material that fits well with my bedroom, and then try it out for myself.

Can I use a vinyl shade to line my fabric and make a roman shade?

is it ok to leave a 1/2 in on eith side of the shade of an inside mount (as long as the windoe itself is covered)?

I love your tutorial! Thank you so much; I am afraid to tackle a broken Roman shade in the guest bath, but thanks to your tutorial will try it. Could you post the pattern and/or manufacturer of your material? I love it.

PLEASE answer question about Long Roman Shades. My shade length will be 82" and I wondered if you figured out a formula for ring placement to make that many folds look good.
Hi Jan- I will give you three tips that come to mind and you do the calculations from there.
1) Don't make the space between the top two rings less than 3" (see my pic in the blog post)
2) You don't have to do rings clear to the top, as folds clear to the top would look silly, in my opinion. So I'd say at least the top 24 inches of fabric should have no rings. (see in my same sample pic..rings don't go to the top)
3) Calculate just a 1/2 inch between folds instead of a full inch. That right there will give you a lot more folds (twice as many, to be exact).

I believe my instructions plus these tips will lead you to success. :) Good luck!

I'm inspired! Question: At what point do the 2 cords become one cord as shown when wrapped on the cleat?

You could sew on the rings using the zig zag stitch on your machine! That's faster. Just watch your settings so you don't break the needle.

I live in a tropical island. How do I make these shades with a removable back lining to wash since we keep our windows open all the time? Thanks

Thank you for the great description! I just finished making a set from your tutorial and they look great. One adjustment I made was leaving out one brass ring at the bottom on one end of the blind and found that I could insert the metal bar with a little manoeuvring without having to cut into my nice seam. Once I got the metal bar inserted, then I sewed on the last ring. Of course, I inserted the bar before putting the wooden piece along the top.
Thanks again!

Hello, I just read saw how you made you roman shades and I am sp excited to make mine!!! I just redid my daughters room and it was going to cost me an insane amount of money to do 4 windows. My only question for you is how do you get them to stay in the window I didn't fully understand that in your discription.

Thank you,

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