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November 28, 2008


wow, jen! LOVE the quilt. And that grandaughter!!! well. She must look like her grandma!

OMG Kadence is beautiful! But then you already knew that right? Love her candy necklace.
Kadence' quilt you made is great. I love those fabrics.

What a cutie patootie your grand daughter is, and such a wonderful quilt. Too bad about your pumpkin dish. You are brave--if I saw 20 ingredients I would have run the other way :-)!!!

P.S. I do love having a friend who is also fatally drawn to impossible recipes with a bazillion ingredients - LOL, stuffed pumpkin - why go with 5 ingredients when you can have 20?? Did you have cheese on toast for dinner? Grilled cheese and tomato soup, that's my 'OMG' fallback :)

Oh my, where do I begin? Miss Kadence is totally stunning, that goes without saying - but still has to be said! The fabrics are fabulous, and your quilt is adorable - who wouldn't want that on their big girl bed? I'd like it on mine :) Love the Hello Kitty theme, too much fun!

Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable... as is the quilt you made her! Envious you got your mits on some Sweet... and cracking up about the challenge. Love how you sashed in in white and stoned in pink. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Jen--thanks for linking to me and so very glad you got the fabrics! You've done a fantastic job to make a lovely quilt. I like the idea of putting the netting over the applique for child. Great idea. for Pat Durbin is

Boy oh boy is she growing up fast!!! What a cutie and a beauty!! Love the wonderful quilt and I imagine Miss K will be head over heels in love with it. The Hello Kitty is just the cutest idea for such a sweet and pretty quilt for a lovely young lady!!

That is just so sweet!!!!!!!! Lovely!

Love the quilt. I'm very jealous that you have that fabric. I missed out on the Swell line, so I'm looking forward to some Sweet. Your granddaughter is adorable!

Well how clever are you Miss Jen? That quilt is so darn cute. I was wondering about the HK stuff. Cute enough to make me want to do something HK. Anyway, I'm always inspired by your cleverness. xo

ps that girlie is Darling.

Hi Jen, I love that quilt, such bright happy colors! You can never go wrong with Hello Kitty either! xo, suzy

Absolutely darling quilt for a darling girl.

Since we stopped going over to my sisters and having 40+ people, this year thanksgiving is managable. We only had 9! It was a lot of cooking but it was fun. My girls helped me and I'd so much rather do that than pile in a house with so many other family members - don't tell them!

Beautiful girl and fabulous quilt! They belong together! :)

Sorry about your stuffed pumpkin------ hope you were able to finish it up today? Did more baking help??

I don't do the eat on Thanksgiving thing, have always been one to spout "It is my favorite holiday"............. but it is not the same anymore and if the truth be told, it really isn't!!! Maybe the restaurant thing might pan out in the future.

I have tons of leftovers, and happily so-- I won't start to "gobble" until Sunday perhaps!

What a beautiful quilt. I love the name. Really pops out. Maybe one of these days you'll be able to photograph it in her room?

Bummer about the pumpkin.

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