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November 03, 2008


Your work has inspired me! I am going to attempt your roman shades, OH MY!!! Above you mentioned Kristine May and I wanted to check out her work but when I went to Etsy, I couldn't find her blog. Would you mind sharing her Etsy link? Thank you and please, keep your tasteful DIY projects coming.

Love the letters! Looks awesome !!

Super cute babes - love to see them smiling away in their costumes. Love the instant-gratification alphabet including the ill-gotten globe :) Attagirl Jen, you make me proud!

Ugh! You are too damn crafty!!! I had to laugh when I read the entire post becase I was quite smitten with the letter O.
And yes, the grandkids are utterly adorable!

what a great wall -hope it keeps you inspired!

Oh... and the kids look awesome, and best cheerleader ever! Go Bears!

I'm always partial to "M's"... but I love the "O" globe the best. So where exactly were you at the time of the globe incident??? Amazing wall art you've created. Love how it looks, and love that some are so sentimental. BEAUTIFUL!

I Love your alphabet wall! I have a wall of H's (Hansen).....and I also have a vintage globe collection, so I think your use of half of the globe is super!

That wall is wonderful! And those kiddos - man are they cute or what!!! Have my PLAY leters I got from you up in Baby Lukes room - I'll have to send you a photo!

wow that is so ambitious and with such an amazing result...Jennifer

OMG!!! This wall ROCKS!!! It is just the coolest. Love the Halloween photos too. Such precious kiddos.

I love those letters!!! what a great idea!!!

I really want to hate you a little bit for all the creativity you accomplish, but then you show those adorable children and I can't.

That cheerleader outfit is just TOO MUCH! Cute!

Love that wall! And love the O. And obviously it was meant to be yours!

Boy Caleb is sure getting big...have I been following your blog that long?

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