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October 08, 2008


Hi, I love the double swag casual roman shade in your living room pic and have been trying to duplicate it as a valence with no success. I did successfully sew a single swag casual roman shade valance for a 40" window. I have a triple window that is 77" across and I want that valance to have two swags. I used a quilting weight fabric and curtain liner. I can't seem to get the spacing of the rings or the positioning of the rod right so that the folds don't sag and there is a nice break in the middle like in yours. Can you please share your ring placement and rod placement? Did you use just one or multiple rods? Because of the width, I tried using a 7/16" curtain rod that I glued to what I think is the correct width. Can you also tell me what width of rod(s) you used. Thanks so much!

Good morning Rachel--No, you can't leave the rod out. By putting the rod at the very bottom, as well as the first ring, when you pull it up and ring one meets ring two, the fold you see in front is the result.
Hope that makes sense!

Hi! I love your 2008 roman blind tutorial. I was wondering about the softer look of the bottom of these blinds. Did you just leave out the metal rod?

What lovely window dressings. it's given me a great idea for my conservatory, thank you. The instructions are so simple to follow that I feel I want to rush out and get the fabric.

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Thank you so much ! I was looking on
you-tube and all I could find were companies promoting their hardware kits for roman shades, this is awesome !

Love this tutorial for making roman shades.

hello - I am very new to sewing and need to make some blinds for my sons room. do i need to insert dowel rods into the blinds or will they hand ok without? thank you - a great tutorial

thank you! your pictures and tips FINALLY gave me the inspiration and confidence to start cutting! brilliant, simple, fun! From tam in south africa

the blinds are gorgeous and i get to ask you now just how painful they were to make, as I just had someone give me a horrific estimate!!!! I can sew, quilt, etc... but they look complicated... think I can handle it? Any tips to offer?
Love your place and your creations. I'll be back...

I know I don't need to tell you but Madison os the cutest little thing ever! I love her Halloween outfit.
The family room looks great! I love the roman shades too. You did a great job:)


I love that creamy cool room! And the granddaughter is too too cute.

I've had a couple complainers at my blog say they were a little late to get the last kits you had on your etsy store - you should make more!

Your grand daughter is a little doll! And speaking of dolls...I really don't need to go to Tuesday Morning...I don't..I don't. But?!
I was just reading a post (Happy Zombie) about that blue and red kit and I remembered that I had favorited it on Etsy but now they're so popular-you've sold them all. Are you going to make some more?

Precious little grand daughter there!! Your room looks great, and woo hoo to your hubby for painting. WOW - love your kitchen...I'll be by for a cup of tea :-)!!!

Jen--your kitchen is too-too cute....did you know that we have toweling by the yard that would be perfect for your kitchen? Ask Liz next time you're in. I'm still in Minn. but will return for 8 days next week. then off to Quilt Market.

OMG! Look at those gorgeous eyes.

Love the change in color of the room. Much more cheerful.

Cute doll too. Thank goodness Taylor is not into dolls much. I'd be in trouble.

Your little grand daughter is precious! Our second grand child, a girl, also turns one next month. They are FUN!

I love your new color, it's so cheerful and would always be the room of choice if I were in your home! (Well, at least for now until you show more rooms! LOL)


.....who is now at her FINAL blog and it wasn't easy getting to this point!! Go check out Jenny's blog...

Gorgeous child.

Gorgeous curtains.

Gorgeous doll.

The plant. I can't get behind the plant. I've got a house plant phobia.

lookit her in her halloween finery! what a sweetie.

and your room remodel? DIVINE. those roman blinds are spectacular.
i had a collection of madame alexander dolls (I'd bet I'm around your daughter's age) and i still regret selling them... though none of them were as cute as that bathing beauty, for sure.

Really that kitchen is soo cute. Lovely lovely. Take more pics! The family room is great. It really updates it and makes it look brighter. I love that. I have a few neighbors with dark goldish paint in their houses and when you go in the the paint sucks the life out of the light and they look so gloomy. Especially with fake venetian plaster look. Anyway I love light colors on walls. It doesn't go out of style.

I should have given Madison my top comment. How cute is she, and her outfit is ADORABLE!

OHMYGAWD... dying over the beachy baby!

I love the new room, it looks great. Your kitche is super cute, put together so wonderfully.

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