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October 07, 2008


I have been loving having my little packet of circles to sew on at odd moments!

That Sophie is a DARLING girl!

I love making my yo-yo's! It's quite relaxing!

I think it's funny that you threw that dog away... I do that all the time... i have more fabric than I have time... so if it's screwed up, I usually don't fix it.
And you know I'm republican (kind of... sometimes... lol!) and I was CRINGING evertime ole Johnny boy said my friends... that alone could do him in! LOL!

All that yummy fabrics on the counter. Love it! I might have to visit superbuzzy after I'm done here. I would lovelovelove to see what you'll end up combining the two patterns. Can't wait!

I have been thinking of buying some melly and me patterns and I am so sad to hear that! fido is one of the ones I was looking at! I so do not read patterns. they are more of a "guide" I just cut them out and sew they may not be too good for me either! he looks very cute though! and he makes a good dog toy!

That stack of circles is so so cute! I love those fabrics.

OMG... I've been tempted to rewind my tivo'd debate to see how many times JMc said "my friend". I figured Jon Stewart or Jimmy Kimmel would do it for me (that's code for I'm too lazy). Can you imagine doing a shot every time he said my friend??? Talk about alcohol poisoning.

Have you met Margaret and Helen yet? OMG! They are on my blogroll... go check em out. You will love them (it's mostly Helen... 82 and she's packed with a punch).

Lovin' your projects! I'm almost done with my kit from you - can't wait to show you.

what lucky children to spend time with you! that looks like an awful lot of fun- crafting and watching a movie.

your quilt is going to be amazing, i can't wait to see it!

and while that dog softie looks cute, i also get so annoyed by sewing patterns that don't explicitly set out the seam allowance at the beginning and then make a BIG DEAL when an exception comes up so I don't miss it!

I look forward to seeing the progress on your quilt. I just know it will be beautiful. Can't believe you trashed the stuffed pup. I bet you can think of a way to salvage it. Miss Sophie looks mighty adorable with it in her mouth!!

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