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October 17, 2008


Love you amazing quilts and your studio is to die for! And that green cupboard...*jealous*

I love the tour! Next best thing to being there! Everything is organized, but very accessable! I love the wood ironing board, too. My mother has had the same one all her life (a wooden one), she's 79! So when I found one at the flea market for $5 I snatched it right up! Now to find a place to both display and use craft room is too small...I NEED a studio like your's!

This just made me SO ashamed of myself!! I could cry!! I'm retired. I'm a computer addict/card making / knitting addict, and yet I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO ANY OF IT!!

PLEASE tell me HOW / WHEN you get the TIME to enjoy actually USING all the supplies!?

I covet your workspace! You are some kind of blessed there!!!!

Wow your studio is amazing , I love love that green cabinet filed with all that yummy fabric!
I could stay in there all day :)

LOL, I'm still here :) Love your craft room, you're SO my people (too much stuff, too much fabric, never enough time :) Love your hubby for making it happen for you - or just being willing to let you make it happen for you. TOTALLY love that green cabinet, that is my color. I have a raggedy Andy and Anne that my grandmother bought for the kiddos, can't bear to part with them so here they sit, on a shelf, like all the other raggedys in the universe. Isn't it nice to know that there are others out there in the same universe and on the same plane as you? I like knowing you're doing your thing up there in No Cal. Someday I'm gonna turn up on your doorstep - consider yourself warned :)

I am truely in awe. Your studio would be like the happiest place on earth for me! I'm going back in to your pictures to check out that amazing stash of fabrics. You have a real artists eye. Susan

By the way------- I've been back to your "tour" several times now. It is so inspiring, so wonderful, so HAPPY!

I'll be right over. If I leave now I should be there in 4 days so put on the coffee woman!

"Whew! What a long post! Are you still here?"

I'm still here, thanks to paramedics! I went into cutie-ack arrest after looking at the quilt, the studio, all of your goodies! OHMYFREAKINGGOSH!!! I'm dying, Jen. Dying. I want to climb through my monitor and jump into your studio and wrap myself in your amazing stack-n-whack.


Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful amazing, creative space!!! Every nook and cranny is just brimming with wonderful stuff! I would never want to leave that space!

Gah! You just torture me with your awesome quilts. What must I do to buy one of those!!!

The quilts are great. I love the blue and the ABCs. Fun things to work on. The studio is on the fairly amazing scale! I love it. It looks like a great creative place to work and play. The green hutch is really very cool. Well all of it is but that piece is pretty great. Love it all Jen.

Finally we get to see where your fabulous work comes from! Oh Jen, you lucky girl!

Amazing things going on here!!!! I love the cupboard!!! Truly wonderful and enchanting photos....thanks also for your comment you are the best..Jennifer

gorgeous studio and VERY magazine worthy!

I could cry a little bit just looking how cute this studio is. xop

Great tour and the room is PRETTY :)

Your craft space is lovely! Really inspiring!

I love your studio!! Wow, your work is gorgeous! Love all the works in progress. I love the fabric you have on your table... is it from Ikea? If not, where on earth did you get it?

Fabulous Jen! I'm supremely jealous of all that natural light in your studio. Oh, but that quilt you are putting together from the thrift skirt, amazing! It is going to be spectacular when you get that border on. You do amazing work! xo, suzy


your studio is beautiful.
looks like a picture from a home magazine. Lovely. I hope one day to be able to do that. I love both of your quilts. I am going thrifting today!

Wow, your studio is super duper fabulous!!!!

Jealous...Jealous...Jealous! Did I mention that I'm JEALOUS! That is the BEST sewing room I have ever seen! I want every part of it! You're soooo lucky to have a room that size! And my sweet lil dolly.....oh I miss her..say Hi for me! She looks so cute sitting up there! Thanks for sharing her! And mentioning me!!!!! You're tooooo sweet! And yes...Missy is are a well behaved girl with that fabric! Now I wanna see your scrapbooking since you're hiding it! Thank you so much for sharing your studio with all of us! Let me go wipe the drool off the table now!

I knew I felt connected to you! I have a Bernina too! LOL! so THAT must be it! LOL! Seriously tho... I popped on over to see if you wanted some cute quilt blocks I started, and WOWWWEEE! What a treat for me... a tour! I LOVE everything. But please tell me you have more fabric stashed somewhere besides on those green shelves... because if you DON"T... then you are so well behaved, and I jsut wouldn't even know what to say. I can't imagine... and I mean that in a good way... I can't imagine only buying what I actually use... and having all that money (and space) left over! LOL!

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