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September 12, 2008


Jen, I just found your blog and this post had me rolling. I busted OUT laughing over the v-mail in my office (my co-workers already think I'm wacked!) Ohh, don't get me started on puppies. I just forked out $1400 to put in new carpet that had been nicely chewed up, thrown up, pooped, piddled, drooled, you name it. I didn't want my then crawling daughter to get something from it! I had a standing monthly account with Stanley Steamer :) You know that commercial with the dog dragging it's butt across the rug? Yah, my dogs. Yes, two! I love yelling!
I'd like to add you to my blog list. My blog is
See ya,

Just got back from the link....omg..too funny....going back for more! K

I'm with ya all the way sister....did you see the SNL skit with Tina Fey? hysterical....

Madison and your new puppy are adorable! But, what I really wanted to say was "Good for you!" I wish there were more of us shouting from the rooftops about Palin! What the heck are they thinking?!?!

Funny. Last night I dreamed I was Mr. and Mrs. Obama's guide in my valley. I had to take them to the hospital for lab tests and they were out of needles. Hmm I wonder what that might mean? I seriously have not made up my mind who to vote for and I may not until I have to do it. I'm still in study mode. I love the debate that it is giving. People should be totally involved and I'm glad to see they are. Especially women.

One thing I was good at, and remember I had 8 children, was potty training. I was like you. Scheduled, and every time that timer went off we practiced and ran to the potty. Same with animals. I guess some people would say I was trained and not the kids but hey, I didn't have diapers on anyone more than right around their 2 year old birthday. My dog is so good. Its one thing I can do. And on a day like today, anything is worth counting!

Totally agree with you... and black eyed Susan nailed it as well. And seriously... the Daily Show and the Colbert Report ARE real news. Stewart - Colbert 2008! I love Jon Stewart. Love him. Even have a secret crush on him. But shortly after Scary Lady was introduced... I couldn't help but continually check in with CNN too.

I laughed so hard over the voice mail funny. In my mind... that's how it all went down. That was toooooo funny and thanks for sharing it!

Jen, I need to comment on the first part of your post...I am so with you! This is what I think is going on. Women who are liberally educated, feel threatened by Sarah Palins position of possible power, to send us back to the dark ages. The majority of my friends are completely freaked out by what is going on right now. I don't understand how a woman who teaches abstinence to high school students and shows clearly how ineffective this is, could possibly lead our country, but then again, look what has been going on for the last eight years. Yikes, stop me now before I start talking about the environment...Thanks for letting me vent. Susan

ok, is that thing for real?seriously though....crazy. Scary! But pretty freakin funny! Alright, we will talk soon! Love you

oh my god, Madison is so freakin cute! I want to hold her! Oh and does she look like my baby pics, strange. I always thought she resembled Caleb a lot, but after seeing that video, its a lil me! Wierd. Maybe there is hope for my future kids after all! Just wanted to stop by and say I love ya. Remember to take time for yourself please!

P.S. again. Madison's little pink and green dress is so cute! Is that your work?

P.S. I also wonder how "normal" people do puppies, since they consume nearly all my waking time! I love them so much, though. Such cheer after losing our sweet boy dog. I laugh at them a hundred times a day.

BOTH babies are adorable!

Jen, after a few days of constantly cleaning up pee and poop, even after escorting the pups on many trips outside, I got tough, too. The thing is, I must own every dog-training book that ever existed, so all the conflicting advice plus my ADD had me acting the fool! After cleaning up 10,000 times one day, I read the shortest section of the shortest book and immediately put your plan into place, and since then, not one accident inside (except in Barkley's crate when I let him go 4 hours instead of 3--he can't hold it like your cutie!). As all the books say, if the puppy is having "accidents" in the house, it's the owner's fault, not the puppy's.

So now all the playtime is done outside, and inside is for sleeping, eating, or cuddling. Whew. Now I remember why Bonnie and Bronco didn't have this many accidents in the house--I was doing it right, right from the start back then. I got rusty on puppyness in 14 years (plus getting 14 years older).

I wish mine would sleep all night! How old is Sophie? By the way, much like human children, I think the boys take longer to learn . . .

And that website is the best, isn't it? The phone call made me nearly wet myself. It was SO well done. I think it would be funny to anybody, too, but since I have NO use for McCain-Palin, I may not be the one to say.

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