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September 04, 2008


oh! I do love them!
off to visit the stores now.


Great find! I have been looking for some decals like this after spotting some really crazy ones for my son's dorm. These suit me to a "T". Thanks for sharing.

They look so good in your home. So vintage, I love them.

oh that is beautiful truly!

That is amazing! I love it.

Your house is so beautiful. My has toys in every corner. I'm not complaining as I know they'll be gone way too soon. I just love your colors and your decor and those birds just add the right touch.

Watched the video of the little doggie and the grandkids. What a wonderful way to spend time. You must be a very happy woman.

I've been drooling over those for awhile. They look fantastic!

1) I'm on my way to ETSY
2) I ADORE that quilt and I"m not sure exactly why....but it draws me...
3) I am SO glad that you figured out about that rawhide bone! Just think how the poor doggie felt.

WOW I miss a few of your post and man oh man. I love it all. Your quilt is wonderful and those wall decors are sooo cool. I've got to keep up!!!

WOW! How cool! I just checked out their stores and added them to my faves! Thanks for sharing!

OMW those are wonderful. They look great in your house. You sure are good at helping me spend my money :-)!!!! Off to visit the site and also your Etsy store!!

My sister bought these for her baby room and loves them too!

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