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September 25, 2008


Are the yoyo tins all gone??/ Please do more if they are...I loved the look and the fun to give them for a gift....
Mary Lou

That yoyo kit is the cutest thing I have see in ages! I wish I was on your list. What a cute idea when you want to give quilting friends something FUN and imaginative. I LOVE your blog.
Mary Lou

hey there. i've been looking for that fabric and found it here...via google so i bought some. i think they still have some left.

I went to Etsy and I have a weird question: Is Etsy based in another country? Maybe it's my browser going wacky again but your stuff seemed to come up with a high shipping rate and I was wondering where it's coming from? I also wanted to purchase a quilt that another blogger had on there, and it just didn't work out.

Do you know? Should I contact Etsy? I hate to, in case it IS my browser going wacky......again.

your yo-yo kits are fabulous!!
they are eyecandy in themselves...
the Mrs. Nelson fabric is gorgeous too!
have a great week

Hi Jen!
I ordered one of your yoyo kits! I love that fabric, and I love that I don't have to go and buy 1/4 yd of each myself! If it is possible to get my order in the mail right away, I would appreciate it....I am flying to DC on THursday, and if you send them on Monday, I just might get them before I leave, and then I can be a yoyo mak'in machine on the plane......I think a small needle is still OK. I better check on that! THanks!

Hi Jen!
I am loving that fabric! It is soooo cute, I would be afraid to use it too.
Your yoyo kits came out great and you packaged them up so nice.
Thanks for the link to the Obama button. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

What cute yoyo kits! I have never made a yoyo, however now I want to make some just to have the kit! :) Great idea.

Did you set up an automatic ebay search for it?

Those kits are to die for! And that fabric - wow!!

I loooved the Mrs. Nelson fabric and was disappointed a couple of years ago not to be able to get anymore!

Great yo yo kits!!!! Gotta love that button :-)!

OMG that fabric is too too TOO fabulous! Ditto the yo-yo kits!

Cool Obama button, too. I am so nervous!

Dying over the yo-yo kits! Love your photography of them too. I just bought me one... my own little stocking stuffer to me.

Thanks for the bama-bling shout out!

(your other left ;)

ROFL Jen, I looked and looked for that button - it's on the RIGHT ;)

Jen your yo-yo kits are totally ADORABLE!! Only you could make them so precious :)

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