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September 20, 2008


Interesting to know.


The ONLY things my 'perfect' Cardi has ever ruined, have been high-cost things like a $70 headset for Hubby's phone, and my FAVORITE pair of shoes.

Then again, that's also not counting the hamper he ate though, to get to panties, and the panties he's eaten! LOL As a whole though, he's been a MUCH better dog than ANY of my others, my whole life. Our GSD/Aussie mixed mutt has ruined a huge list of things every year, for over 4 years!

Sophie is just an adorable little Cardigan!Corgi's are the best without a doubt. Sweet dispositions and smart! I had one for almost 13yrs. Also about the chewing.. at my house we call it "distressing". :o)Thankfully they do grow out of it quick!!

Glad you liked your little bag!! Hugs!!!

That's precisely why God made puppies so very adorable :) Lucky for your pup she's extra adorable, so that will help her more than a little when she destroys your stuff! If the camera shop can't help, you might want to check out data retrieval companies, they ain't cheap, but they do amazing things!

doesn't matter. too cute to be mad at.
just don't let her near those yo-yo's!


Cant help you with any useful memory card info but.....that face is tooooo gorgeous - you cant be mad for long!
The colours in your yoyo kits are fabulous!

Ah, so Sophie enjoys the occasional "Kitty Tootsie Roll." Yum! Our old dog loved em'. So sorry to hear about your photos...I truly feel sorry since I really don't like this part of marketing. The yoyo's look great though! Keep them away from the pup:)

well you know the only reason puppies are SO cute is that when they are naughty you can't drop kick 'em! :)

that is one sweet doggy!!!

So sorry about the memory card thing...but just look at Sophie....way, way cuter than any doggie should ever be!!! And that PURSE!!!!! A BIG WHOO AND HOO!!! So wonderful.

DUDE! I feel for you... I'd be so mad... but like everyone else says... not for long with a cute little puppy face like that! When we got our puppy I turned the cat box to face the wall (it has a lid on it, but it's slightly angled) so the cat could still get in, but the dog couldn't without me hearing him. He pretty much stopped trying. I love the bag, but the coat rack it's hanging on... OMG! SOOOOO cute!

Ahhhhhhh puppies! Lovin' all your goodies, and especially your yo-yo work of art. I'm on a yo-yo kick (I drank the yo-yo Kool-Aid that Pam served up a while back ago). But I need to take some sips... I've only done two so far.

Love seeing the bama-bling! xoxo-m

Your work is always perfection. I couldn't enjoy reading a blog more than yours. The doggy story is sweet really. He's just a puppy and chew chew chew! Our dog is several years old and If I drop a pen on the floor - its history. Now a pen is not as bad as a memory stick. So you got me there. On saturday my kids made me stop at the roadside where someone was selling puppies. I was stupid enough to do it. They were mad at me all day Saturday because I didn't get one. We HAVE a dog. But that doesn't matter I guess.

Oh....come on.....that cute adorable puppy face.....don't believe he's responsible for a second. I think he was framed!

What a sweet and adorable little face. Just look into those can you stay mad? That was one nice cupcake swap you lucky girl.


Oh, sorry. I am just so happy to find out that your puppy was naughty once. Now I don't feel so inadequate. :)

awwww man, i'm so sorry about your pictures. but she probably is the perfect puppy, in that she wouldn't be a puppy if she didn't occasionally get into trouble?

and those yo yos! brilliant!

Oh those pesky puppies. Love the photos you do have, the bag is darling, love the yoyo's.

Oh, should be occasional not occassional. Major type-o.

That puppy needs serious access to rawhides. lol. The vets hate them and they are gross but they-sometimes- keep the dogga from chewing up your house. Her little teeth must be hurting. Unfortunately those little neat bones you posted about earlier never worked for Macy.

Let's see--I'll try to make ya feel better here. Macy chewed up a desk, pissed on my bed, chewed up a crossstitch pattern (when I was almost done with the piece), ruined our carpet (we've sinced moved, lol), chewed Mark's glasses, mutilated the underneath of a mattress, pooped in her cage and smeared it from top to bottom, and here's the kicker-------I can't believe I'm typing this in a public forum----- got hold of the occassional tampon, eeeeeeeeck (my stomach is lurching just as yours is), etc. Ya see, Macy is a major garbage picker. The good news---all she does now is be sweet, raid an occasional trash can, sleep and eat. lolololol. Not sure if all that makes you feel better or just makes ya wanna pull your hair out.

Looks like ya made out on your swap. Cute bag. I still treasure all you've sent me.

Oh, I sure hope you retrieve your pics!

That little cutie patootie! Have memory card will chew, it's in the dog manual. Must chew anything important to mom! xo, suzy

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