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September 03, 2008


Wow, that is a really beautiful quilt!

I'll throw in: thin red border, wider dot border, finished with a black binding.

This is really wonderful. I have no good advice, just wanted to say its great! (well maybe a pretty pink polka dot border would be fun! ) SUPER LOVE IT.

Jen, The best way to finish that quilt would be to hang it on the wall in my living is gorgeous. Maybe a navy or black border to make the other colors pop, not that it really needs anything.You are soooo talented! Susan

I really think that red would be perfect, along with a black binding. Your quilt is fantastic...can't wait to see it all finished!

You have done a wonderful job Jen! I would be as apprehensive as you are, "just don't want to mess it up," so no advice from me, but I do like the red on the outside someway.

oh my goodness. i have no advice, just want to crow that that is, without question, the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. that isn't even hyperbole. it is just so perfect. however you finish it, it will remain the most perfect quilt I've ever seen! Happy Childhood indeed!

Ditto on the black hot, with red fabric and binding on the outside. I LOVE this quilt!

Ok this is just me. So don't think you have to do this but I like the dot fabric in the letters and I can see that taken to the next level. And then bordered in red. It looks like the dot fabric is black? I love black and red together. The white/black dot would be a neutral. Its a really really darling quilt. I would take it to a machine quilter for sure. Its very special.

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