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September 13, 2008


Jen everytime I stop there is always something clever and new.. first off I love that the dog found that in the garbage secondly your yo yo kit is make it all so fun and that header is poppin...
way to go..Jennifer

How about 'I wandered lonely as a cloud...' - people can let their minds wander, as they tend to in the smallest room of the house :) My suggestion is either poets of the romantic age, or a wonderful woman quote from someone like Dorothy Parker or Mae West, or Maya Angelou for that matter ...

This is just the thing that could really work for a bathroom wall, right? It's inspirational just enough... and yet a little puzzling too, so you have something to think about while you are ... ahem... sitting. LOL! :)
p.s. the wall stickers you pointed us to in etsy... have me wanting to redo my entire HOUSE. darn it!

Small and simple things are important. And that is the only way to make change.

ha a fellow neurotic I always find myself making small changes and no big ones so eventually I end up where I started

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