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September 01, 2008


Oh Jen~I love your blog!
It's so real and fun! The puppy is adorable wit the ice! She looks like the same variety of Corgi that Alicia Paulson has!
So sweet! And your Grands are cute as pie!
You've got your hands full, but i bet your heart is full also~

hee hee. it is all about poo around here a lot of the time too. i've been told that rawhide/bully sticks can also make a puppy have some pretty fragrant gas too. so the nylon bone is probably definitely the way to go.

my daughter gets a quizzical look on her face like sweet Madison's sometimes too! i think of it more as a thinking/figuring out sort of look rather than a mean one ;) and i bet the boy will grow into those ears! i had a set like that at his age and they now lie pretty much flat on my head.

SO Cute!!! Puppy and Kiddos...totally adorable!

So I went to your etsy shop to see your letters and ended up with a bracelet! LOL! What a STEEL! Omg... I'm gonna show it off all winter... I don't care if it's summery! It's my Jen Duncan bracelet! YAY!
And the boy... and his ears. God love him! I've always had a thing for guys with big ears, and I married one and now I have a daughter with them... I just think there is not a more endearing feature. So I'm not worried for him :)

Gosh those kids are cute. I'm cracking up over the baby faces... and of course what a smile on your boy! He has a happy heart that one, you can see it.

And that pup. Wow, she's a doll, with that little white tip of a tail.

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