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August 19, 2008


Soooo cute, congrats! It seems crafty bloggers and corgis go hand in hand! Though I was owned by a corgi before I was a crafty blogger so maybe I'm doing it backwards. :)

OOps! I hadn't read this section before I commented on Sophie & Clover Meadow! Oh how completely wonderful! And she is good too? And just as precious! I just have to find one so darling!
Now I will be following two 2 Cardigan Corgis adventures! Yippe!

Oh, cute, cute, cute!! I've never seen one of these pups. How precious! I also want to thank you for the tip on drying the hydrangeas. I rcvd a blue hydrangea for Valentine's this year and was hoping to dry some! Thank you!

i just love your puppy!! precious!!!

Oh, my gosh how cute!! I love Corgis SO much, I fell in love with them YEARS ago from Tasha Tudor's artwork. My sister has one, but we don't. So I love them vicariously through getting to know them via blogs like yours now, and Alicia Paulson's! Hooray for as many cute Corgi pics as possible! Bring it on.

EeeekK!!!! Sophie is stinken' cute! I started reading about corgies after seeing one in a japanese anime called Cowboy Bebop. Yes, I'm weird! They are so adorable and intelligent breed. Would love to own one someday.

I went on HB blog, saw her new fabric collections, me like it so much, bought the FQ's right away. Totally out of my fabric comfort zone i know. LOL!

I love big floribundas! Too bad I have a black thumb. Would love to have these in our backyard...Oh, well!

Enjoy the long weekend, Jen. I'm glad you had the chance to visit Monica. Wish I was there. Take care!

Sophie is precious... I love puppies.

I heart Sophie like nobody's business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap- I'd say that is the cutest puppy I've ever seen if my own puppy wouldn't find out about it ;) Congrats on your new fuzz butt- what a doll!

so how are the cats taking this????

The puppy is adorable; the letters are a great find and really like what you did with the magazine rack. Your blog is very inspiring.

Swooning over your new puppy! I love the letters. We have a barber shop in town that has these 20's style wood letters that say. "It pays to be neat". I covet those letters. But it would make me feel bad to take them out of the shop even if he would sell them to me. They kind of belong there. But if he ever goes Belly up I'm knocking over the door to get them.

Hi Jen, isn't that Heather Bailey fabric fabulous! I just bought a couple of fat quarter packs, I just couldn't decide which ones to have cut so I went with the fat quarters that were already made up. Your new puppy is very cute too! xo, suzy

Okay, so you have officially cornered the market on I want one! Susan

Whata sweet pea~ We were just at my best girl friends house who has a 8 week choc. lab, so fun!~

It was SO GREAT to meet you Jen, and the Mr. What's New too. Did we even stop talking enough to breathe? Seriously.... I could have yapped on for many hours, but I knew I'd keep you from getting to Sophie. She's squeezable adorable!!! Huge congrats on your new family member!

that Ms Sophie is too much. I wanna kiss her and hold her. I am so glad you finally have an animal like Ms Molly that just wants to love you and be around you and make you happy. It's really enjoyable. Caleb is probably in heaven! An animal that loves him too and wants to be cuddled, unlike poor Max and Mia. Well, you always say I don't comment so I figured I would. Love you Mom

Aww what a cute little pup! I heard about your visit with Monica, wish I could have been there too! xo

OOOH!!! Congratulations on your adorable new addition!!! xo-Mel

I love to read your blog. Such fun topics and beautiful pictures. I'm absolutely green with envy for your hydrangeas. My grandma lives in Eugene, OR and I love to go to her house when the hydrangeas are in bloom.

Oh, dear, that little pup is soooooooo cute! And you have a lovely blog. Came here via Nanette and Freda's Hive. I love her blog and she is always stitching up something pretty and colorful and then connecting to blogs and projects.......and I could spend all day at the computer just viewing and clicking!

Oh, and Monica inspires me too! How fun to be in her beautiful space with her.

First off, how sweet of you to mention me in your blog. I'm very flattered. Thank you so much!

The dog - so so so darling. What a great breed and beautiful dog. My little dog sits behind me in my chair when I am on the computer. I have to scoot forward some so he can fit but he loves lying right next to me. At night it can get a bit cramped. But yes, they are so much more affectionat than cats and everyone in the family loves the dog. Its something we can all agree on!

Good to know about the hydrangeas. Mine are only 2 years old now. I planted them last year. They are so pretty right now. I took pictures of some flowers in my yard but forgot about those! Silly.

Love the redo of the magazine holder. It turned out lovely. The colors are so pretty. So much better than plain old brown!!

You inspire me.

SQUEEEEEAL!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! She is just the CUTEST EVER (along with Miss Beula, of course). I ADORE Puppies (can you tell?). Take MANY MANY photos because it is amazing how fast they grow. Looks like Mr. Caleb is lovin her too. Have fun with the fabric. I look foward to seeing all the cool things you will be creating with it.

I had to come look at her again! lololol.

It's the ears and cute paws.

Our dogga is aging too so this reminds me of our little puppy days.

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