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August 11, 2008


I like the new color. The old one kind of had a makeup vibe about it.

Love that new floor and that newest member of your family. ADorable!!!

Oh my goodness precious babyface!! I hate carpet and have weeded almost all of it out of our place - DH was against it but has grown to love the wood floors after all :) Good luck with your road-trip and adoption!

oh, the floor is freakin' fabulous, too!

Jen! First of all, I wanted to say thanks for the well wishes & visiting the old blog. I hope your road trip is smooth sailing! What an adorable, cutie pie! I must say, I love the quilt pieces, you've shown here! WOW! As always, you have so much talent!!
(how on earth, do you always manage to come up with such happy color combos??-so well done!)

I love new puppies!
...and new floors...and paint...and blinds
but mostly new puppies.

We are heading out on a 6 hr road trip ourselves.
Have a good one and show lots of pictures when you return!


Oh boy...can't wait to meet your new addition! Love the pretty new look in your family room and look foward to seeing the completed project. Keep safe on the road.

Isn't the domino effect fun, or not. Enjoy your new family member. He is adorable.

Too funny....but isn't that the way it always works...have fun!

Soon there will be the clicker clatter on your pretty new floors! See you soon!!!!!!

Love the new floor! We're in perpetual home improvements here at Sweet Woodruff Acres...and have been for 18 years! One of my sisters once said, "Well, isn't home improvment your guys' hobby?" No. It's not my hobby and I don't like it, but I always like what comes out of it!

Cute little nose there... Have a great trip!

Love your new floor. I am laughing....we are on the fix one thing, need to fix the next, then the next, then the next train!!!
Oh your new family member is such a CUTIE!!! Can't wait for more pictures!!!

Have a safe trip. I would do the same with the Ipod entertainment btw. What is this new family member's name?

Funny lady! well, have a wonderful trip and I hope to hear more of your remodeling stories/adventures when you get back.
Take care!

I want puppy deets!!!!

and............... howling about the way a house makes you change. Like--- it forces you somehow. This is why I am done I think.

Stick a fork in me.

How exciting about the new family member! You never stop with your house, do you???

Oh it looks so nice. Thats a great floor color. Its nice to have a redo. You and Pam are in the thick of things. Nice to have it over with. Not nice to go through. The doggie is so cute. Have fun.

What a pretty cookie it's going to be! Have a great trip! xo-Mel

Ohh what kind of new family member is that??? And yes home improvement projects are like freaky dominos.. one leads to like about 100 more. None of them pleasant and often leaving remnants behind, like good luck with that backyard carpet.

And I always knew you were wonderful but now that I know you like David Sedaris you're completely over the top!!! Have a good trip. xo

Oh, you made me laugh with this post!

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