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July 31, 2008


Oooh I wish I could have been at your garage sale lady! I bet it was chock full of good stuff!

Totally lovin' the stack and whack skirt! :) Brilliant!

Jen, Every time you post about quilting, I am newly inspired. Keep it up...eventually I will be won over. I love that cute little sewing machine! Garage sale? We have been talking about it all summer. I will get to that eventually too. Good luck with yours. Susan

Can't wait to see the finished quilt! (If I had quilting-skills I'd probably never paint another picture)
And, I agree, that little machine is soooo cute!


(your garage looks like my attic. :( )

that quilt is going to be AMAZING! and how darling is that machine? i've heard Janomes are fantastic, and now even though I've got my Bernina I'm thinking... gee, a travel machine...

Isn't it nice when a "fix" is simple like your dusty computer. My car was acting horrible yesterday and I described it to my husband on the phone. I said "its like the break is on" and he said "lift the break pedal up with your foot and see what happens". It worked - it was stuck. The heat is hard on that car. I figure it got hot and the pedal stuck. Anyway - simple is always nice, just rare.

Love the blocks. Paper piecing isn't my forte but I'm learning to live in peace with it.

I love the idea of the hello kitty size machine! I hate carting mine around. Good idea.

Good luck with the garage sale. We all have too much.

Well how did the sale go? Come by and let me know! If I was a wee bit closer I would so have stopped by!
And all that lovely fabric is delish!
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jen---where DID you get that fantastic polka dot???? And yes, the next community sewing day is at Scottie Dog Quilts Sat. Aug 23. I know a couple of others who have the Hello Kitty sewing machine and it seems to work fine. I think I'll stick to my Singer featherweight. did you know that Featherweights are named after your grandmother? Mine is Nellie Belle. Your quilt is turning out well, I'm inspired.

I love all your sewing projects going on over there at the Duncan place. That fabric from the skirt is perfect for that quilt. Love it but couldnt see that print wrapped around MY size 14 butt!!!! Oh no I could not. LOLOL

"squeel" love the hello kitty aqua sewing machine! Your fabric blocks are so "happy", I love them. Nothing like a good garage sale to clean things out! Have a great weekend.

Hi Jen, Looks like you are having a very productive summer! I love what you are doing with that skirt, amazing! Remember I found that $30 Viking at the thrift earlier this year. My girls turned up their noses so I'm sewing away on it now, works so smooth. I put my needle breakin' Bernina in the closet for now. I bet if I brought home that cute little Hello Kitty number it would turn some heads! xo, suzy

That is pretty fabric - and, I can see this quilt is gonna be something! I would've grabbed that skirt, too. I have gotten cool fabric from thrift shop clothes & cut it up to make something else. Sometimes, the designer stuff looks like vintage fabric...Ralph Lauren is good like that.
Those Hello Kitty sewing machines are too darn cute! I was searching around for an aqua one awhile back...'course, I was gonna use the excuse of it being for my girl when she gets older. lol.

I'll be right back... I have to refill my coffee cup for this one.

Ok. I'm back. Ka-pow, batgirl! That's my socks getting knocked off from all the delights you lobbed at me! The skirt into stack-n-whack... magically delicious! And your blocks waiting to be put together... ohmyheck!

I bow before thee!

11 yards in a skirt? That would be HEAVY to carry around.
The fabric is georgous. You did good.

Wow, love the stack and whack blocs and reallly love those paper pieced blocks. And who doesn't love that blanket stitch. Is that the greatest machine ever? Love the new Kitty travel machine and you know what love you too Jen Duncan! xo

EEK! I love your I Can Sew machine! What a great color! xo-Mel

Love all your cool sewing projects! Great fabric too. Good luck with your garage sale.

I'm not a quilter, but I love looking at all your projects. Looks like that Bernina does a great job. I sew with a 30 year old Bernina. I may have to check out those little machines. I don't have a "room" for my crafting so I have to take my machine in and out. Man is it heavy. Often I am only using it on sewing cards. A little one would be nice.

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