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July 18, 2008


The least expensive I've found is 8 issues for around $60. US. Site is in French, but you should be able to negotiate it pretty easily. Go to:

where can I subscribe to marie claire idees magazine? I've searched with no success. Thanks, Janet


we DO have serious buying issues, don't we? I cringe to think about how much time I complain about how much stuff I have. it's just awful...which leads me to believe that it's a good think I don't work in a thrift store. I'd be in serious trouble.

that letter quilt is going to be amazing.

Hello There Jen... This is a new magazine to me & after reading all the comments maybe I shouldn't say this out loud... LOL. But would love to become acquainted !

Ha ha Jen, i think a few people will be turning up at your funeral :) 'thrift' stores are not all that thrifty any more, those purchases add up!! The sorting room is where it's at, I think most of the good stuff doesn't make it to the floor - you can give us the dirt on that one ...

Oh swoonie mag love! It was Doe who got me hooked on MCI (sweetie peetie she even sent me an issue). Doe is the cause of my addictions to all things cute. And you Jen... you do it to me too! Where's Dr. Drew when I need him!

What I love most about MCI and not being able to understand a lick of it... I can look at the pics and not feel guilty about not actually reading it!

hey jen,
i have to go and get this. i saw it the other day.
i got my package.
i LOVE my necklace. and the paper is out of this world.
thanks love.

Well done on the volunteering too- good girl!

I have never one a single thing in a giveaway so I guess I'm only adding my name to increase other people chances-I would love to buy it but I'm trying to stop buying magazines until I have actually scrapbooked or indeed read the huge pile of mags I have already!(so far the magazines keep calling me..... and my willpower is fading!)

My prescription ran out and I didn't renew. I wish I had now.

I'd love to read that mag Jen. Please enter me in your drawing.. PLEEZZEE!!!!

I dropped what I was doing when my copy arrived. I just can't get enough of this magazine! I'm guilty of over buying as well. Good thing I'm back on my fabric diet... Just after I bought Ava Rose fat quarter bundle.

I can't tell you how many times I have ALMOST subscribed to that magazine, but then the cost just gives me pause. Everytime I see it on someones blog, I go over to Amazon and well, almost! I'll be doing that again next week after reading about it here. Or maybe I will win your giveaway. . . xo, suzy

I have not seen this magazine, but have also seen other people mention it on their blogs. I would love to take a look at it!

UPDATE: I can get the current one from EBC, I must have been looking too early last time!

Oh Jen...Me Me Me. I have the previous issue, and cannot get the current one from the European Book Co, where I got the last one. And lost two auctions on Ebay a few weeks ago. Am I pitiful enough for! Worth every penny isn't it? Also, I found this quilt a few weeks ago in a book from the library, "Historical Quilts" I think. I will check again on the title, and I was both fascinated and overwhelmed by this one, I cannot wait to see Jen's version!

Jen--the quilt blocks are all from the book: Dear Jane by Brenda Papadakis. There are 164 4 1/2" blocks in it and pieced triangles, a reproduction of a Quilt made by Jane A. Stickle during the Civil War. I made my own copy 1999-2000. I really should bring it into the shop for display again.
Just curious about copyright issues as those blocks are definately original Jane.

Oh MY!!! You may MOST DEFINITELY sign me up for this giveaway!!! I have heard so much about this mag but never seen it, so I would love to get up close and personal with a copy!! Hope you are enjoying your volunteer time at the shop...I think I may be guilty of the over-buying, but I am determined to curb my evil ways (he he he).

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